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Thread: Mms now available!!!!

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    pretty sad that we are going through all this trouble for something that a 20 dollar phone has /rant
    stupid crapple

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    I get Red exclamation mark when trying to send and i have tried all the different combinations of settings for Cellular MMS settings

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    Exclamation The Truth about forcing early MMS compatibility
    Quote Originally Posted by techierob View Post
    Just got mine working also. 2 confirmed on 3.0.1 standard Iphone plans and jailbroken and 1 on non-iphone plan jailbroken. 2 not working on non-jailbroken phones. These are the settings for the non Iphone plan. The iphone plans seem to work with just wap.cingular and nothing else. Ohhh yeah this is in So Cal. area

    I feel compelled to speak up, because if you review the steps involved to MMS ready your phone and are iPhone OS Dev savvy, we all know that fact of the matter is that AT&T is going to unlock it for the country the exact same way. Granted, the IPCC file will be officially 'generated' by them, even though everyone who actually knows what an IPCC file is knows that it aint no biggie - its like a settings file to default to.

    With that said, I wouldn't even call the current MMS 'HACK' a hack. Its not a hack, because if it were, AT&T is about to hack about 70 million iPhones in 24 hours.
    Also, if anyone notices any updates in regards to receiving MMS messages properly & not that stupid retarded AT&T pic site link, please let us know right away by replying to this thread. Its gonna happen sooner than later; AT&T is going to have to open the inbound MMS floodgates for last-minute pre-release testing before the entire country and their President start MMS'ing messages of useless pictures, videos and other things that were too important to email & will be clogging the hell out of our network.

    One last thing - if there is any stupid mistakes, like the network goes down because an idiot at AT&T forgot to do something or because they poorly planned for this launch, I will have lost all remote hope in AT&T as the future of GSM technology in this country.

    Sorry if I'm sounding really negative, its just that I've been awaiting this feature that I am paying for & not getting for like 6 months now.

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    Trying to have mine ready....but for some reason I have stuff listed in the Max Message Size and the MMS UA Prof URL. It won't let me delete those out of stealths. If I delete and hit return it just comes right back. How to change?

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    I got out of work today and had an MMS waiting for me. Go Vermont.

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    how can i tranfer word files,excel files and pdf files and power points from pc to iphone.

    do u noe how mms works
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    confirmed was slow to send and receive but she got it alright.

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    confirmed Started working yesterday afternoon. I was so shocked to hear the send sound when I put it back in my pocket hahah

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    worked for me this morning here in Phoenix AZ, also...I am on my tethering right this is pretty step...flash for iphone..then we can finally take over the world

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    im in phoenix too and still no mms. did you install the ipcc or what

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    do you have to be on 3.1 to get the update? cause I'm on 3.0 and the only update I see available for me is 3.1

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    so i just plugged my iphone in to itunes and it asked to update carrier. i am on 5.1 so i guess you don't have to drown grade to the original ipcc. gonna update and see what happens

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    yea, same here. im on 5.0. not getting any update only for firmware update to 3.1
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    dont need to downgrade from 5.1 to 5.0. I got my update to 5.5 just now. I'm on JB 3.1 though.

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    Apple says on their website to update to 3.1 for mms

    heres the link
    AT&T: Enabling MMS on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

    Apple says on their website to update to 3.1 for mms
    heres the link AT&T: Enabling MMS on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS
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    Is there any way to get MMS and still retain tethering on ATT on 3.0 firmware?

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