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Thread: Woot Woot MMS just became live in my town!

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    Default Woot Woot MMS just became live in my town!
    Little town of Temecula, CA mms just went live this morning, I have been trying for a month every day to send one, and today it went though YAY....

    lol just excited now time to goto bed.

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    Same here. I live in Eastvale/Corona Ca. and my mms started working this morning too!! I am using Stealths ipcc. It was not working for me yesterday but today I can send and recieve mms with no prob.

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    Im still working in Philly!

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    Started working this morning in Baton Rouge...

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    Tried a couple times yesterday and no worky...

    This morning I gave it a go and voila! MMS Messaging!

    ~Jimi in Indianapolis


    Not sure if the settings make a difference but I reset mine to the defaults...

    Visual Voicemail
    APN: acds.voicemail

    APN: wap.cingular
    --all the other fields are blank

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    how are you guys getting this? i ask everytime and no one replies lol

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    All I have is a IPCC from installed, nothing special, that just enabled mms and camera switch on my phones... Other than that nothing special, no switching of sim cards nothing.

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    did you have to rehack the phone or anything?

    shift restore on itunes right? i might do this tonight if i dont have to rehack, otherwise ill wait for 3.1

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    Anyone from NY yet? Mine works but I had to switch the sim. I haven't been booted in a few days though.

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    Mms is alive in Phoenix since this morning...finally!!!

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    was just about to ask about phoenix hahah seems that im still having issues sending Maybe I need to Just erase all settings ?

    can you tell me what settings you are using ?
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    gonna try it now, keeping fingers crossed.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumcajs View Post
    Mms is alive in Phoenix since this morning...finally!!!
    im in phoenix, no luck with MMS what should i be trying? certain settings? im on stealths 5.0 ipcc, 3G

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    yeah phoenix here too with no luck. I think its more like random or maybe by last name ?

    I just took off the stealth 5.0 and im going to try a stock one and see if that helps..

    has anyone tried calling att to see if they can do it manually ?

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    for those who are still having trouble...

    i am and have been on a non iphone specific family unlimited messaging plan and thus i have never received the texts from att. if you are on a typical iphone text plan i think i read somewhere that att is now allowing users to select non-standard messaging plans for the iphone now (and i assume that the iphone specific messaging plans will be done away with on or around the time of Sep. 25th). so i think one step for all of you would be to sign into your att accounts and try that (if you still have an iphone specific messaging plan).

    also i have found that the - Österreichs iPhone & iPod touch Blog settings don't seem to be sufficient. search around and find a newer ATT_US.ipcc file and install it to your phone. then you need to make sure you can get to Settings \ General \ Network \ Cellular Data Network (if you don't see Cellular Data Network than you still have work to do)

    If you can see the Cellular Data Network options check your settings

    mine are as follows:

    Cellular Data
    APN: wap.cingular

    Visual Voicemail
    APN: wap.cingular (though I should change this to acds.voicemail)

    APN: wap.cingular
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    good luck! and don't stress it if you can't make it happen since you can do it the easy att way in 16 days or perhaps even sooner.

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    no luck in nyc..

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    i recieved two this morning but i still cant send out in oklahoma

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    what did you do to get yours working in the phoenix area??????

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    Nevermind, found the guide
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    Ah man. Simtech gave me his ipcc file, but I only was able to send two MMSs before it quit working. It could be the storm that is messing with it somehow though. Maybe. Haha. Oh well its only about two more weeks.
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