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Thread: Iphone on prepaid...what do i have to do?

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    Default Iphone on prepaid...what do i have to do?
    ok so here's the deal...i'm currently running my 3g on tmo...i've been with tmo bout 7yrs now and i don't nessassarly want to leave them just yet, one reason is price...but my gf found out she gets a 24% discount thru att at her work...which in turn would make the att cost bout the same....anyways i would like to just try att and see how there coverage is around here i thought about buying a prepaid att sim card and use that alittle with my iphone to get a feel of how the service would will the att prepaid work on the iphone? does the iphone still need to be unlocked to use it? and i'm sure i won't have "data" while i'm using the prepaid correct? and if i go to the store and just get one of those "go" phone setups can i just use the sim from there right?...thanks guys...

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    Prepaid will work on the iPhone for calling and texting without modification, and data can with modifications. However, AT&T doesn't support (and doesn't really condone) use of an iPhone on a GoPhone plan. Just giving you heads up if you come across problems later.

    As for obtaining a prepaid SIM, I'd honestly stay away from any prepaid kits that one can find at WalMart, Target, etc. Most will claim to have 'airtime included' but the strings attached is that the airtime only works for that phone, i.e. you can't swap the SIM into your phone and have it work. You'd probably be better off getting a SIM from a AT&T store and adding money to it yourself.

    Another alternative: O2 Wireless is an AT&T MVNO that has the same coverage as GoPhone Pay As You Go (AT&T-only, but it gives you an idea of what to expect w/ AT&T), and their rates are fairly cheap. If you want to try o2 for a few days, you can get a cheap starter kit from a BestBuy store or online. The SIM will work in any AT&T device, including the iPhones. However, there is no data options with o2.

    Hope this helps.
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