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Thread: If they gave you a choice

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    Default If they gave you a choice
    I was wondering if there was anybody else who remebers the their #1 reason for wanting the iPhone back when it was first announced. Mine was media, so I was very upset when it came out and they force you into this Internet package. I was this close to saying F U and stick with Sony. So my question is if they had given you a choice between Internet package or No Internet Package what would it be? Now I know it's hard to imagine an iPhone with no Internet since we have been using it for so long and yes I am posting this from mine. But with this economy the way it is I am trying to find every way to save a buck. I would gladly opt to stop paying this BS $35 Internet Package. I mean for us that upgraded to the 3G how do they figure we were paying $20 with 200 SMS now they say we have to pay more and we get less. How stupid is that. Last time I checked when you pay more you are suppost to get more. $10 more and they take away our SMS? That's retarded to me. Anyone else agree?

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    I use prepaid lmao

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    Sorry mobile internet is a must have

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    Internet you lose the functionality of the iphone without it. Yeah theres the wifi but its not as smooth or reliable as 3g internet..

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    iPhone with no internet package. Might as well go back to a Nokia 5160. (If you're old enough to remember that one).

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    ^ still have one, can be had cheap. Any offers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    Sorry mobile internet is a must have

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    I would have got the Internet package if I had a choice. The Internet was one of my main reasons for getting the iPhone. I think AT&T has done a lot wrong and will lose most of their customers once the iPhone is officially available on other carriers but oh well, they had their chance and blew it.

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