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Thread: AT&T outage(s)?

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    Default *Resolved* AT&T outage(s)?
    I recently switched over to AT&T to get the iPhone 3gs. I was pleasantly surprised when the 3gs had excellent coverage even though I live in a rural part of Vermont.

    This morning I woke up and had my normal good coverage, but then about 10am or so where I used to get full bars I now have no service. I called AT&T and the nice woman there told me there was an outage and it had a "priority 1". There was no ETA as to when it would be fixed, but she thought it would be resolved within the next few hours. Anyone else happen to be in VT experiencing this?
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    There's no 3G service in vermont right?

    i just realized that vermont is not a roaming state anymore i think it was part of the alltell/verizon merger they had to give up some markets in the NE. Because before the entire state was roaming.

    sorry can't help on the outage.

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    Alot of towers right now are getting worked on for the lunch of the 4g network and improving signal strength in some areas

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    Thanks for the responses. I know there is no 3G service in the rural areas, but I believe there is 3G coverage in Burlington. That's where about half of Vermont resides. As much as it would be awesome I doubt they are going to waste money on upgrading their system to 4G in my area. AT&T hasn't had representation in VT since about 2002. With the purchase of Unicel earlier this year they are back.

    I neglected to mention I live within sight of the tower in my area. I did a bit of traveling around and was able to discover moving 10 miles north or south of my current location gave me service, so I believe the issue was local to the tower. I made a few calls over the last few days to AT&T and one of their support people told me I might not receive service in my area from now on. After that I gave up and had everyone else that I knew with AT&T phones call them and magically this morning there is service again. I guess it just takes enough people calling and saying they don't have service.

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    Yeah when enough people call about 1 area they usually come out and fix it. I tl people all the time at work to call and complain. And usually with in twoweeks they fix it.

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