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Thread: All Aboard!! Class Action Time

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    Thumbs up All Aboard!! Class Action Time

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    This will not help a bit

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    Gotta love the USA. Not getting what you want? Sue someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikozen View Post
    Gotta love the USA. Not getting what you want? Sue someone.
    As opposed to what other course of action against a multi-billion dollar corporation with unlimited resources?...

    Technically AT&T has another month or so until the official end of summer.
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    zomg this is what we've been reduced to? Seriously... While we're at it, lets sue AT&T for infinity billion dollars for making us have a data plan on an iPhone. Also, what's with this whole 'minutes' thing? I don't want any minutes! Why do I have to have minutes!? I want seconds only! Gaw!!
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    I'm going to have to defend that. Why wasn't AT&T ready with the account provisions? You advertise and advertise about MMS being capable on the 3GS and during the Summer, did they not? WHen all is said and done, you realize you have to manually switch over everyone's acct's? How the hell do you not see that from the beginning and plan accordingly?

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    Poseidon is correct; it is not the end of summer yet. So they still have time. Also Apple shouldn't be sued, as the second articles title states I did not even open them. Apple has nothing to do with the MMS support. They have enabled it and as we can see many other countries are enjoying the benifit of it.

    So many people have become sue happy. The big things are ok but I have seen some floating around about the dumbest things. I did actually see a story a few month back where the person could have sued but only wanted an apology from the members involved. She got one from the company but she wanted the attendeds directly involved to say it.
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