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Thread: Data Plan Update (hope it's helpful)

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    Default Data Plan Update (hope it's helpful)
    After doing my research, I put my iPhone 3G on the PDA personal plan, with NO voice and NO texting package($35 per month). Since I'm a scared lil bia, I'm sure I annoyed a bunch of MMI users with questions; but I always like to know I have all the info to make the right decision AND be able to share with others...

    So, I've gotten a couple PM's to share how it's working since I don't think too many people have taken this route. So far it has been working great, with 3G speed. I am using textfree for texting and Siphon with a account for voice. I would suggest reading all the setup details and relevent SIP info for the account. It was kinda shaky getting connected to the network until those were entered properly. Now I have been getting great calls over both wifi and 3G, free to the US(and I'm not sure many people know that you don't have to use a headset anymore for that, you can use the internal iPhone earpiece and mic for the calls, FYI). Used to get the data working but I'm sure that's expected.

    I know we may be losing this service come Sept 14th but I have not seen a text message since I've been on this plan about changing the plan, but haven't been on very long. From the multiple forums I have been reading, it does seem to be that the people getting the message are on really cheap data plans or no data plans at all. Please let me know if you are an exception to this...

    I chose this over the preaid route because I was hearing that you had to be on the PYP side (which would mean a voice plan), with a grandfather'd in account to get the unlimited 2G data plan. Please let me know if I am incorrect on this front as I would love to go that route instead of the way I am now. Also, if anyone has a grandfather'd in plan they don't want to use anymore, PM me and I'll throw you a lil money for it via paypal.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reply or PM me... and thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who answered my millions of questions...
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    I have done it with my Unlocked 3GS, (IMEI/ESN/MIED) ATT those not actually know that I'm using a iphone it keeps thinks that I have a LG Incite, because it was the cell phone I was giving in order to use this service, although that 55.00 with PDA/Tether is good and fast! it's been almost 2 months on the 3GS, and I had it for over 6 on my 3G (just remember MY cell is truly unlocked. so they can't detected what cell phone I have, they only know what services it is capable off! That's the beauty of a real unlocked phone of any Major Brand Maker

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