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Thread: iPhone Tower Preference?

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    Default iPhone Tower Preference?
    I'm not sure if this is even the right place to ask this question, but I've looked all over the web and can't find an answer.

    I live literally across the street from a GSM tower (owned by former local carrier Unicel, now maintained by Verizon until they convert it to CDMA). About half of the time, my phone will use that tower, I'll have 5 full bars of EDGE (around -62 to -72 db), and everyone's happy.

    But the rest of the time, my phone sees the one and only AT&T tower nearby (also EDGE), which is across town and has only 1 bar (usually between -108 and -112 signal strength), At that point my phone is useless since it insists on being on the AT&T tower, despite the fact that there is a tower with awesome reception nearby. I usually turn on airport mode and then turn it back off and my phone finds the Unicel tower. The annoying part is, it usually happens when I need to use my phone.

    I'm assuming this is because AT&T wants you to be on their own towers and not another carrier's. Before I started researching this, I had assumed it was a problem with my first iPhone, but that's been replaced on a different issue, and my new phone does the same thing. Does anyone know of anything I can do to make the iPhone use the best tower it finds, opposed to always wanting to be on an AT&T tower, no matter how bad it is? So far I've come up with nothing, and I'm not sure there is a way to "fix" this...

    Phone is a jailbroken 3G running 3.0.1. I keep 3G off because no 3G towers around here.
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