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Thread: iPhone replaced and I lost MMS

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    Default iPhone replaced and I lost MMS
    I had my iPhone replaced and now i can not receive MMS messages? does this make since? My account was provisioned and i was receiving and sending picture messagesit shouldnt matter what phone i use correct? do i need to call them again? Any advice would be great.

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    yea that happend to me to i went from a 3g to a 3gs and now no mms been tryin for bout 2 weeks now i can get it for a bit then i loose it and gota do the sims swap again this sucks at&t needs to get off *** and make this work all i can tell u is keep tryin

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    I had problem too even when i went from 1 3G to another 3G. idk why?

    i finally got my 3G S set up and ive restored as new phone and everything and still works.

    really id just walk through the process again like last time.

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    You just have to repeat whatever process you used before that got it working. The hard core truth is that until att gets their network provisioned for this, you'll probably have to repeat the process periodically due to their sweeps of the iPhone mms opt out thinga-ma-bob.

    Here's the process I've used on both my son's 3G and my 3GS: Only had to redo it once about 2 weeks ago; working flawlessly on both since:

    1. Download the ipcc file from here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    2. Once you have the ipcc file, then open up a command prompt and copy/paste
    This code "CProgram Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    and hit enter. Note: the code starts at " and ends with 1
    3. Now open up iTunes select your device; then hold shift and hit update.
    4. Now navigate to the place you downloaded the ipcc file.
    5. You'll have to hit the drop down box to select files of type...ipcc.
    6. Once you selected the file, it will update your carrier settings to att 5.0.
    7. Reboot your phone.
    8. Now go see if you have the camera option in your text message app.
    9. Now, if its there, then you did it right; then proceed...
    10. Now take your SIM card out of your iPhone and put it in another ATT phone.
    11. Once in the other phone, make a couple of phone calls, wait 3-5 mins.
    12. Now go here:
    13. Now that your on the att media net site, enter your phone number and hit submit.
    14. You should then be directed to another media net page where you'll be asked to enter a four digit code that was texted to your phone, if you get the error stating that your phone is not compatible or something similar to that, then make another phone call or two and repeat from step 12.

    15. Now assuming that you received the 4 digit code on your att phone *not iphone*
    Type the 4 digit code into the place available on the media net site.
    16. Once you've entered the 4 digit code and submitted it on the site; send yourself a mms and make sure you receive it before going to the next step.

    17. Now assuming you received the mms, which you should have; take your sim out of the att phone and put it in your iPhone.
    18. Now reboot your phone and you should now, as I have, the ability to send and receive mms.

    If after a few mms's you lose the ability to send/receive them; simply repeat steps 10-18. I had to do it once after the original time; but have been running flawless since.

    Hope this helps!


    I think in order for this to work, you'll have to have a NON IPHONE TEXT MESSAGING PLAN!!! I have the ATT Unlimited Family Text Messaging Plan. I tried this same method on my brothers phone 3GS and he has the iphone text messaging plan, it did not work. My son has a 3G on my plan, and this process worked for him as well.

    Hope I've been able to help!

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    Called last night and they provisioned quik and easy! either i am getting really good at this or the person i talked to just felt sorry for me!

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