I have a 3GS that I've had for about a week. Starting this afternoon, if I disable 3GS, the phone will not fall back to EDGE. I get no data connectivity at all. I've restored to a "New Phone" via iTunes with no change. The phone was previously jailbroken, but not unlocked. I did have SBSettings installed, which I used to enable/disable 3G. It is now in a factory like state.

My wife has a 3G that is not experiencing this issue.

I called AT&T, they didn't know of any network issues. Their suggested was to wait until tomorrow to see if it persists, and if so, contact Apple. So while I wait, does anyone know of anything that would cause such an issue?

My understanding is that redsn0w alone does not modify carrier settings, correct? Anyway, it had been jailbroken for several days.