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Thread: Suddenly Off Network?!

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    Default Suddenly Off Network?!
    Ok so I've been living in a small town where there is no ATT stores around but Ive had AT&T reception for about 10 months until a recent animal attacking while on my bike. My 3g 3.0 IPhone's face was smashed on the landing and now won't allow me to get on the AT&T network. I've tried restoring and can't think of anything else besides spending 199 on a new phone. I guess this weekend when I travel to another part of the state will prove if its the area or ?
    If anyone has had this Off Network problem and knows how to fix it I'd be much obliged.
    Thanks IA ,

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    HI i have new iphone 3G S i never jailbreak the phone or anything and yes im on aT & t and i use to have full signal but today all in sudden my phone stopped working it says no Service (( called at&t they have asked me to come to the store tomorrow and they will try replacing the sim card if not then the phone but i just wonder does any one has / had this problem ??? i never even dropped the phone or anything it has no scratch infact i just got it 13 days ago

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    can only be so many things....

    Cell tower is down in that area
    phone doesnt work right anymore for any reason at all
    sim card screwed up

    gotta walk step by step to find problem

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    My iPhone 3GS has kicked me off my network a few times. Usually when I'm switching from E to 3g or the other way around.
    Then it just says searching.., NoService. I'll put it in and pull it out of airplane mode, that usually does the trick.

    But about you problem, I'm fairly sure it has something to do with the smashing of the face of the phone :P
    radio got bashed up?

    Sorry about spelling. I'm on the iPhone.
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