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Thread: what is the latest AT&T carrier file?

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    Default what is the latest AT&T carrier file?
    I am running carrier bundle 4.0 currently. Is there a more recent package?

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    5.0 is floating around on the internet its not official but if you download it you can get mms and tethering to work sometimes on it. But like i said its not official.

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    3.1 is the latest official AT&T version for the 3.0 software. 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 are all official and have been seen floating around, it's really the pick of the draw. Apple serves up 3.1 here.

    4.2 is the carrier bundle featured in Beta 1 of the iPhone OS 3.1. It includes MMS information. Get it here.

    4.5 is the carrier bundle featured in Beta 2 of the iPhone OS 3.1. It also includes MMS information, but also adds bizarre signature information to the APNs (the provider addresses to get you Internet/Tethering, VVM, and MMS). Get it here.

    I extracted the 4.2 and 4.5 ones from the Beta firmwares (iPhone 3G B1 and iPhone 2G B2, respectively). They are modified from the original versions to support (or, rather, not not work on) 3.0. 4.2 and 4.5 are really no different, just try one then the other.

    5.0 is the unofficial carrier bundle people have used to get MMS working. Many "versions" exist, but most hackers used 5.0 in order to bypass AT&T. You can get it from StealthBravo's thread in this very same forum.

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    i'll try this when i get home tonight - THANKS, i've been looking for the 4.5 file. quick question - i'm currently running the 5.0 version. are there any difficulties downgrading, or will the phone just accept it? i'd rather not restore if i don't have to.

    thanks again.

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    You might be able to just "Upgrade" via iTunes, if not, just rename it from .ipcc to .zip and follow the end of StealthBravo's guide to get it on to your iPhone (jailbroken, of course).

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    well, itunes just "upgraded" me from the 5.0 i was using to the beta 4.5, and doesn't seem like it magically enables mms. oh well, the wait continues. thanks for the file though.

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    I like that; you can sometimes get mms working. Go AT&T!!!

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    so does the 5.0 bundle have the signature information that is in 4.5?


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    Quote Originally Posted by miatawnt2b View Post
    so does the 5.0 bundle have the signature information that is in 4.5?

    no. the 5.0 files came out before the official 4.5 where att added the sig stuff. the 5.0's are not official.

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