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Thread: lost ability to get picture messages from abroad

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    Default lost ability to get picture messages from abroad
    I was using my unlocked and jailbroken iphone 2G on the t-mobile network for the last year or so. My family is sending me several picture messages. When I was on the t-mobile network, I received a text message from the carrier they used with a link to website and password to download the picture from the web.

    As of last week, I had to switch to AT&T because of an employer plan. I am still using my phone as unlocked and jailbroken, because I do not want the iphone plan. However, when my family sends me a picture message now, I receive no notification and they get no errors.

    Is there anything I can do? I do not mind if I do not receive the messages on my phone. Receiving a notification to visit the website is just fine.

    Any help is appreciated.


    UPDATE: I just read the following at another forum. Is it true? Can I bypass the problem if I change my iphone IMEI to the number of another AT&T phone I own and do never use?

    AT&T block MMS to iPhones by using the IMEI of the phone, this is a unique identifier used in every mobile handset. When you put your sim card in a phone it transmits back to the provider the IMEI which will tell the provider what model phone it is, and it can then be checked against lost or stolen handsets - if it has been reported stolen then the phone can be locked remotely.

    In this particular case AT&T check to see if the IMEI is for an iPhone, and if it is block MMS messages because they know it does not have this feature. So if you took your AT&T sim out of your current phone and put it in an iPhone with Swirly MMS then you may be able to send MMS for a short period of time until AT&T run an IMEI check and it will then get blocked. If you then put the sim back in your phone that did have MMS it will still be blocked until you ring AT&T and unblock it.

    So AT&T can of course support MMS on mobile phones, it is just that they block it for iPhones.
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