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Thread: Transferring Cellphone Number

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    Default Transferring Cellphone Number
    Hello all,

    I would like to try AT&T's service on the iPhone 3GS here in Chicagoland. I currently have T-mobile, and have been with them since 2001 (when they were VoiceStream.) I would like to keep my current number, and I am aware that you can transfer your number to another carrier. However, I am not ready to make that long-term commitment, based on the stories of poor coverage and 3G speed of AT&T. So I was wondering, after I sign-up with a new number, if AT&T works for me, can I transfer my current number AFTER I try them out for a month or two?

    Also, what is the early termination fee for the 3GS, if I don't like their service? I remember last year it was under $200. And I get to keep the 3GS, right? That would cost less than paying $699 for the 32GB without a contract... I assume. Then I can go back to using T-mobile. Can I transfer my number back to T-mobile if I cancel with AT&T?

    Of course, this would depend on the availability of the unlocking software for the 3GS, and I KNOW IT'S NOT OUT YET.


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    I don't mean to be a smart-***, but most of your questions are BEST answered by AT&T since they are the holders of the current terms and conditions. Responses here, while helpful, could be dated or slightly skewed. If it were me, I would go to the horses-mouth (haha) with these questions

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    From Answer Center | AT&T

    What are the guidelines to port my number to AT&T?
    You (the customer) must initiate the port-in process with AT&T (the New Service Provider).

    Prepaid phone numbers are eligible for porting.

    Toll-free numbers are not eligible to port.

    Port-in requests that reach pending/tentative account status will remain in the AT&T system for 30 days, after which a new request is required.

    Port requests with an active number, but a port request that has not completed, are not proactively canceled after 30 days. If the port is unable to be completed, you will be given the option of accepting an AT&T number or returning any equipment, based on the terms of the agreement.

    Features and services vary by provider and do not port to AT&T with the number.

    You may purchase a new AT&T handset, or use an AT&T compatible handset; however, an AT&T SIM is required.

    You should not cancel your service with your Old Service Provider (OSP) prior to initiating the port or during the port process.
    Canceled numbers are not eligible for porting.
    The cancellation will occur automatically as part of the porting process.
    If you are just wanting to test coverage of regular talk then try a cheap att prepaid phone with a few minutes. This will give you a chance to see what the basic coverage is like at least. Also gives you a chance to test the phone service in your home. The data side may be tricky, do you have friends or co-workers with ATT service?
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