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Thread: Old At&t Edge settings on 1.14

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    Default Old At&t Edge settings on 1.14
    Any one know where the edge settings are on version 1.1.4? Edge settings do not show up in settings/general/network. I was on 1.1.1 and modified the files on the phone to get edge to save. Is there anyway to mod the files on 1.1.4 to the old edge settings?

    Thanks for the Help!

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    When you go to settings/general/network can you see an edge option or not? I could not see any option on my 1.1.4 and I had to do a lot of digging around to find how to make that option available.
    If it is available then the settings you can find by just doing a google search. If you cannot see the edge option then you are going to have to ssh into the phone and goto root/system/library/carrierbundles, in there copy the att_us.bundle copy the carrier.plist to your desktop. Open that file, then you are going to have to add some coding in there.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">


    The red coding is what you have to enter exactly as it is, and exactly where it is. Then save that carrier.plist file and copy it back to your iphone. Replace the original carrier.plist file with this new file.
    Restart your phone and you should have the edge option in settings/general/network

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    Thanks Iceman!
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    Use this url, convert that carrier.plist file that you have saved on your desktop, you can let it overwrite the .plist file on your desktop. Then you will be able to open the file in MsWord or Wordpad. Save it and upload to your iphone. Also, word will ask you whether you want to just save it or save it in word format. Do NOT save it in word format, just save it after editing as it is.

    Now, i think you said that the allowedgeediting is already active. Then you might just have to find old att settings on the internet.

    Also i suggest you try this. it sounds confusing but just go step by step and figure out your mcc/mnc code
    On the iPhone start the phone app and switch to the keypad and type
    and then tap the green dial button. That opens the iPhoene app Field Test. Tap "Cell Information" The last two of the set will display something like (in your case)
    N:3 #:262
    meaning the MCC/MNC code is 26203.
    N:10 #:234
    meaning the MCC/MNC is 23410

    Open the website
    and search for the result, it will show up the related carrier. Thats the one, your iPhone "thinks" you are using.
    Once you do that, check/search you carrier.plist or info.plist file(i dont remember which one) in word and make sure your mnc number is in there.

    Try this and the url that is provided and give it a shot.

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    Ok, Copied my carries.plst from my unknown carrier directory to my att directory and bingo got edge to show up with an At&T sim in the phone.

    Now I just need the old APN settings and password.

    Thanks for all you help!!
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    How do I open the SSH in to my iphone. I ahve the same problem and I dont ave edge on my network, edge doesnt show. I am little confuse since I dont much could someone help me step by step. Thanks

    OK, SSH doesnt show on my Iphone, I already downloaded from the installer but it doesnt show on my phone. I even unistalled and install again and same thing, cant find the SSH on my phone.

    Please help
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