Hey all,

I'm looking to trim the fat.. And of course one of the first places i look is my iphone and service. So first I've gone and changed down to a smaller plan, adding seven pm nights.. That should be good there. Next is data... well, iphone data only has one option...

So I'm looking to you all for a comparable phone that att has that can do somethings the iphone can, but cheaper data wise.

Mainly, i would like to be able to stream some radio stations but that isnt terribly going to be missed.. now the difference is 15 for data or 50.. will it be worth it do you guys think?

I've had windows mobile phones (which I like because you can mod) and palm, and blackberry but blackeberries would be no cheaper. I've looked into the samsung impression, the htc fuze, and the lg xenon..

What do you guys think?