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Thread: MMS on iPhone 3G running 3.0 I got it working!!

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    Default MMS on iPhone 3G running 3.0 I got it working!!
    ok everyone i got MMS working on my iPhone 3G running the GM version of 3.0. if you have 3.0 running just go to Settings-->General-->Network-->Cellular Data Network and scroll to the bottom and put in the information EXACTLY as shown by the picture and then rest your phone and then it should work. Make sure you have MMS enabled on your account.

    EDIT: Here is a little more help for the people that are not at this step

    Try finding a copy of iTunes pre-release 1 (one) too. after you follow the 9to5mac info then do what i have written above. Also make sure your ATT account is not provisioned and i have found it works better with WIFI turned OFF when sending.
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    nope, didnt work

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    I heard you just have to call AT&T and they have to do something manually to get MMS working. They just have to do it manually so I think that could be why they're not advertising it working yet?

    Could this be right?
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    Yeah I read in another post that you have to call AT&T and ask to speak with tier 2 support to try and get mms enabled. But would they ask you any info about your dev account for security purposes, to be certain you are not a jailbreaker?

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    im just gonna call on the day i get my 3gs and have them remove the code manually so it works i mean im paying for it screw them.

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    Worked for me dude! thanks! Edit: Well It Did For A Minute. I Got The Pictures Everyone Else Sent Me. Then It Stopped.
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    you have to call AT&T and tell them to enable MMS on the account or if you dont want to hassle with them just go to the store the people help you out better.

    i have done 7 phones using this method and they all work make sure you enter the information EXACTLY as shown. because the password has to be ALL CAPS.

    and another thing is go to Settings-->General-->About and make sure it says AT&T 5.0 and it works 100% when it says that.

    EDIT: also a note turn WIFI off when sending. so it sends it over 3G.
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    did this and with the ipcc file from stealths thread and the 3.o GM i can now send and recieve pictures over 3g. Never worked on betas so I guess [email protected] allready got to my account. YAY

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    nope, didnt work for me =[

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    a big problem is getting at&t to provision your account. i tried the other day and got the "we can't do it until the 17th" shpiel.

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    I got my 3g running 3.0 to now do MMS and Tethering without any calls to ATT. I did have to put my iPhone sim in my wifes palm phone for about 20 mins... Make some calls then do some MMSing.. Then put the sim back in the iPhone... Viola!!! All working perfectly for 5 hours now.

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    I updated my 3G iPhone with the 3.0 gold master...but I don't have the Cellular Data Network option in network settings... all I have is "Enable 3G" "Data Roaming" "VPN Settings" and "Wi-Fi Settings"

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    You need to install the ipcc file to get the MMS. You can really easily get tethering running by installing the mobileconfig file. Both of which are posted all over the web on this site as well.

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    can someone please pm me instructions as how to get the ippc installed? i dont have ssh or anything tho..

    Thanks in advance

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    just use itunes
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    im a noob, is the ippc 3.0? because im running that already and i still dont see these settings anywhere.. gr

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    What version of itunes or you using?

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    Awesome but it doesn't send the picture. I get an error.

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    Default How I Got MMS To Work
    Ok so last week I put 3.0 build 7A341 GM on my 3G and download the 5.0 carrier settings that are all over this site then called At&t and talked with a rep who put me through to level 2 tech support and I told them I wanted the mms opt out code removed from my account and she told me that she removed it and put a new texting plan on my account that was the same price and sent me a test MMS with a At&t logo and has worked ever since didnít change anything under cell data network just updated the file called At&t and its worked ever since hope everyone else has the same good luck that I did

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    yeah im running the gm 3.0 on my iphone 3g and ive seen videos where to send a photo via the text app there was a camera to the left of the typing bar..... i dont have that camera, is that camera suppose to magically appear once att removes the code?

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