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Thread: Using 3g on Non 3g plan

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    Default Using 3g on Non 3g plan
    So about 6 months ago i wanted to replace my 2g iPhone(I am an AT&T customer by the way) with a 3g one but did not want to pay for the 3g service because i live in the midwest and there is hardly any 3g service around here(none for over 150 miles from where I live). AT&T wanted to charge me the extra money so i chose to get one off of eBay and just not tell them. I haven't had any problems and haven't been charged any more fees or anything. Well i am going on vacation in a week and the city will have 3g, and i was wondering if they will know if i use the 3g? if they can charge me extra for using the 3g? and if so how much extra is 3g per kb? Thanks, Jared

    anyone know? I'm leaving in like 3 hours.
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    Sorry if this is late, but I think the whole point of a 3G phone is to utilize the service. ATT doesn't offer anything like this I believe. You may be able to limit the 3G usage though.

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    I've been using 3G service on my 2G iPhone plan for a year now without any trouble. My phone is even listed as iPhone 3G in my AT&T account. I simply re-activated my 2G phone through iTunes to get the older plan.

    AT&T sent me text messages for like 6 months straight saying my plan wasn't eligible for iPhone 3G but they never did anything about it, so don't worry.

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    Ya mine is is showing up on the site as a 3g and they have been sending me texts also but wasn't sure about actually using the 3g. Thanks for the info and now i will actually get to use the 3g after almost 6 months.

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