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Thread: So I went to AT&T store today regarding iPhone 3GS and

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    Default So I went to AT&T store today regarding iPhone 3GS and
    I owned iPhone 3G and sold it because the screen cracked and stuff and got myself a pre-paid phone $5 Nokia like 2 wks ago, because I knew I was going to get the new iPhone 3G. Yesterday, at the store I was told I am un-eligible for the $199-$299 price and would have to pay the full retail $599-$699 price...BSSSSS STUPID M*OTHERFCKERZZ... I'm so pissed. So we, 3G previous or current 3G holders are mostly screwed.

    He did mention something saying if I open up another line, I can then be eligible for the promotion.

    WTF Do I do

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    How much longer do you have on your existing contract?

    Either add another line with the new iPhone and then drop your sim into it and lower your other line to the lowest possible plan...

    or kill your existing contract, pay the etf, open a new contract and get a better phone price.

    I think I am just going to hold out until next year seeing as the new phone offers nothing to entice me other than the 32GB hard drive. By then the new phone should have the OLED screen, an even larger HD, and a better processor. I was excited at first, but if the sale of my unlocked 16gb on ebay doesn't bring me what I want then I will just buy a refurb'd 16gb 3G and wait it out.

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    I was all about the new iphone but there really is that much of a difference to me..I dont think its really worth it.I wonder how much the 16 gig 3G will be?
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    They are discontinuing the 16gig iPhone 3G. The only one offered will be a $99 8gig version.

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    If you have more than 1 line, see if they can be upgraded. I'm checking tonight for mine to see if that's the case. Then all I need to do is sell mine and I can get one for $199.

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    i remember 4 years ago or so i went to the att (or cingular?) store because i wanted a new cool phone but i wasn't due for an upgrade. They told me i could do an exceptional upgrade where they allow for an upgrade due to something going wrong like stolen or broken phone...i think they allowed 1 exceptional upgrade per family plan (not sure about individual). So that may be something to look into or ask about...someone else on the forum may know more about this but so it could be worth a try. Good luck

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    wouldn't just breaking out of the contract just be cheaper?

    i want to keep my number, so if i call and tell att to take off the data plan and i'll pay the etf. upon canceling, aren't you 'month to month' and out of contract? i would assume you could just but the 199 one and all together with etf it comes out to about 375 (cheaper than 499/599 non upgrade or 599/699 no commitment).

    can anyone comment on this scenario and if it is likely possible?

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