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Thread: Switch over but save upgrade price??

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    Default Switch over but save upgrade price??
    Hey I am using T-Mobile now and my contract is up and I have been waiting for the new iPhone. But I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that I could switch over to AT&T right now and use my current iPhone until the new one comes out and get that at the $199 price?


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    no i dnt think tht u can. because ud be starting a contract with them but not tha new 3GS how ever if u wanted to spend more money u can start a contract now n jus add a line for tha 3GS i believe tht wuld b tha only way. but i wuld suggest to jus wait its only 8? days or somethin until new one comes
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    well.. technically, you can sign up without a 2 year contract if you already have a phone... but you are not eligible for the upgrades unless you add a line, or cancel. either way, you lose your phone #. so if you dont care about keeping your number, yes, you can activate on att without a contract, then cancel before you buy the 3gs, and get it at the subsidized price... but there is the off chance that you dont play your cards right, and get mean customer service people- just wait 8 days. your 2g is better off on tmobile... i switched my 2g to att from tmo, and have regretted it ever since... tmo data is faster and cheaper... more minutes and texts for the price... better reception in my neighborhood/city... att data speeds suck for 2g compared to tmo..
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