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Thread: Going overseas

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    Default Going overseas
    Im hopping on a flight to France this week. Ive heard of reports that people are getting charged even when the phone is off. Even if its not true, i dont want to take the chance.

    I want to remove my sim card completely and use WIFI where available. I know the phone wont work without a sim, except if i unlock. Is there any other option, will unlocking mess anything up when i get back and pop the sim card in? Thanks

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    Leaving airplane mode on all the time would do the trick... If you somehow get charged for that you would win a dispute for sure.
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    the thing is, you can't use wifi on airplane mode

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    There's an option in Settings > General > Network that is called Data Roaming. Turn it off. As a second precautionary measure you can also turn off edge using Bossprefs.

    I went to the Bahamas a couple weeks ago and turned off data roaming & edge, didn't get any extra charges.

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    I am going to be in France, Germany and Italy at the end of this month.

    Check this site out. I bought SIM cards for each of these countries. Prices are reasonable.

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    I'm leaving on Saturday for a week in Germany. I jut bought the ATT international data plan as an "insurance policy". I had thought abouot unlocking the phone and buying a foreign sim and tried to use anysim on 1.1.3 before I upgraded to 1.1.4 and i couldnt get edge. The plist file to edit looked entirely different than what the posts said to edit. i downloaded a modded plist and it crashed my phone and I had to restore and re-jailbreak. So I'm taking my old unloced v3i along to pop a german sim into for calls.

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    Thanks for the post guys, but i just tried my phone with no Sim and it works fine. it just says "no sim", but WIFI works, and so does everything else.

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    you can put the iphone in airplane mode and then use bossprefs to just turn wifi on. also you can use it to turn edge off (if your not in airplane mode).
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    A friend and I just returned from a trip to the bahamas. We both use 1.1.4 Jailbroken iphones and have Fring installed.

    Before we left the US we both removed our SIM cards to avoid any roaming charges. Don't be fooled- We found a local restaurant with free WIFI and using this WIFI we made a couple of calls using Fring and checked email etc. (REMEMBER WE HAD NO SIM CARD IN THE PHONE) Well...we just received the bills and what do you know we each had between 15 and 25 overseas calls billed to us. All of them for 1 minute each. We called AT&T and with a little persuasion got the charges removed.

    This does raise a couple of questions though:

    1) Is data being sent to AT&T via WIFI even with no SIM card installed?
    This gives me a little bit of a creepy feeling.

    2) How much is being sent and what kind of data is it?

    3) What else is AT&T doing with the DATA?

    Its not the point of the money for money. Its the whole big brother thing that seems weird.

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