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Thread: Disabling Data with AT&T

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    Default Disabling Data with AT&T
    I want to get an iPhone 3g but am around wifi all day so the data plan would be a waste. Since you can get an iPhone pretty easily without a contract I was thinking of just getting one, jailbreaking it, and using BossPrefs to disable 3g and Edge. Does anyone see any problem with doing this or am I good?

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    BossPrefs (or the newer SBSettings) will disable data. Easy to test IF you have a data plan. Just turn off (maybe reboot) and you won't even get an IP. Can't have data without an IP

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    Thank you so much for the help, I'm gonna order my iPhone tomorrow.

    Thanks again

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    get a ipod touch.

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    Refer to my post in the hackint0sh forums about the same topic you posted there.
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