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Thread: unlocked - at&t plan - $15 data plan?

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    Default unlocked - at&t plan - $15 data plan?
    My friend unlocked my iphone and I still have the plan with AT&T. I didn't activate the phone and I was wondering if it's possible if I can just add the $15 data plan instead of activating my iphone? I dont need the 200 sms since i already have unlimited and I dont really care much about the visual voicemail.

    And if I can add the $15 data plan (without telling att that I have an iphone), do i have to do something to make it work with edge?


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    Assuming your using an already active ATT simcard from your old plan. You could TRY activating the iphone with Ziphone (ziphone -a) and using your old ATT simcard. I would get them to add the data plan on your existing account first. However*** CANT guarentee you wont have addition data charges. And yes, visual voicemail will NOT work.

    The Iphone data plan is only $20, you really that worried bout the extra $5??

    PS - Just curious, why unlock?? you dont need to if your using ATT.

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    yes i am using an already active att sim from my old plan on my i phone.

    the phone works fine and all that, and I unlocked it so I can just add more things and i had my friend do it because i'm not really technical with this stuff and dont know much about it (even if I do have att)

    and 5$ is a big deal because my mom is paying the phone bill haha.

    i'm just wondering if the $15 data plan will work on the iphone

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    With you saying
    I unlocked it so I can just add more things
    it sounds like your friend Jail Broke the phone, not unlocked it. As far as the data......The plan you're on SHOULD work as far as EDGE data goes, but like was mentioned you won't have Visual Voicemail.

    And just an FYI with Ziphone and all the other resources on this forum you could be a technical retard and still be able to do some cool **** to your phone on your own.

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    Yes, it should work, but to be safe, if you still have your old phone, stick your sim card in that, make a couple calls, then call AT&T. They CAN see what phone you are currently using.

    Anyway, I think one of his main points is that he wants to keep unlimited messaging (which no iPhone plan supports ;-))
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