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Thread: iPhone 2g Restore and Data Plan

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    Default iPhone 2g Restore and Data Plan
    I am thinking about buying a friend's iPhone 2G 4gb. The phone is unlocked and jailbroken and is software 2.2. I am currently with ATT and have the $15 data plan.

    If I buy this 2G:
    Should I restore (reset)the phone? How do I restore it?(I don't need it unlocked because I am with ATT)...

    If I restore it, will I need to upgrade it again to 2.2 and should I re-jailbreak it?

    If I do nothing to it, will I be able to use my existing sim card and use the 2G for phone and internet browsing? Or will I have to upgrade to the $30 data plan (or is that just for the 3G)?

    Either way, do I have to register this phone or update my ATT account?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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    I would restore. Then re-jailbreak.

    You will need the 2g iphone data plan for internet, etc. Its $20/month.

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    Will my existing data plan $15 per month (no text msg.) for my Nokia work with the iPhone 2g or does the 2G have it's own data plan like the 3G? Do I have to activate the 2G, update my plan and sign a 2 year contract?? That's not cool...

    Thanks for the reply

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    I got it. Did NOT restore it. Works great. My AT&T Sim Card and data plan works fine (Phone and Internet). T-Mobile works fine too..

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    just stick your sim in plug it in to itunes and let it go it will give you the option to pick your data plan and text plan i picked the unlimited data 200 message plan for 20.00 it wont give you the option to take then 3g plan.then it will ask you to agree to the 2 year contract but dont sweat that it's just a step in itunes doesn actually apply to your used phone then when it gets done setting up and syncing your good to phone wasnt jailbroken when i got it but i dont think it will matter when its all said and done if it resets it just jailbreak it again

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    Yea definitely Restore it and jailbreak just to erase all the contact and everything else he has done.

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    No need to Restore and re-jailbreak it. Why risk problems? As far as previous contacts, I manually deleted them, and I set all the phone's settings to my preference. Works great.

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    Default internet plan
    when you added your 2g to your plan, the nokia plan that has $15 internet, did you have to change the internet plan for the iphone?

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