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Thread: Advice for taking your ATT iPhone overseas

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    Default Advice for taking your ATT iPhone overseas
    If you are travelling overseas and want to be able to use data other than wifi, you need to call up ATT and have them add one of the International Data plans for iPhone. While I think most people are aware of this, what you may not be aware of is the way they figure what data usage is covered.

    having recently spent a week overseas, I bought the $59.99 data plan which allows for 50 MB of use. Any overage is billed at a reduced rate of $0.005 /kb In other words, overages will cost you about $5 per MB.

    Well my story goes:I called up on 1/21 and had the international plan added. I left for Europe on 1/23. I reset usage to zero and watched it carefully. I did end up going over my alotted 50MB by about 2 MB. No big deal thats about $10. So, I look at my bill now available online and I see I was billed for something like $112 of data. WTF? So I call ATT. As it turns out, if you add the international data plan "mid-billing cycle" they evidentally pro-rate the amount of data you can use until the next billing cycle. Huh? They charged my bill for the entire $59.99 but only allow "some" of the data? Thats BS.

    At any rate the CS folks were nice enough to take the charges off my bill "this time". Supposedly they told me that the plan would be prorated. Well yeah, they did but they werent clear that they meant data use. I assumed they meant they pro-rate the monthly fee for the partial month which is what they did when I got the regular iPhone plan added on.

    Moral of the story is that this ended well for me, but plan ahead if you are going overseas. Call well ahead of time (which i informed them is not always possible) .

    Another thing, make sure you have SB Prefs installed and any time you do use data make sure that safari and mail are totally exited and processes not running when you are done. I had one overnight period where because I "thought I was on wifi i didnt bother and my darn phone used 20 MB overnight. Doing nothing. I was at a friends home and was logged into her wifi but the wifi conneciton must have timed out and reverted the phone to 3G while I was sleeping. So that put a crimp in my remaining use for the week.

    Either that or turn the phone off when not using. I did not want to do that since I had two teenagers home alone with a sick dog and a winter storm on the way.
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    im not planning on going overseas anytime soon but grest advice

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