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Thread: Registering & Using an AT&T PAYG SIM (Not in US)

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    Default Registering & Using an AT&T PAYG SIM (Not in US)
    Howdy all.

    Here's the situation, I'm looking for advice/answers to get things in gear.

    I don't live in the US (I reside in the UK) but will soon be taking a trip to America. I've procured an AT&T pay as you go SIM card via eBay to use while in the states. The SIM, of course, came unregistered and I've got a few questions to ask of those in the know:

    1. Is there any way to register the SIM card from the UK (online, preferably)?

    2. Is there any way to tell what phone number is tied to the SIM at this point?

    3. Is there any way to top up credit on the account online? Will it be an issue if a non-US credit card is used?

    I've taken a look at the AT&T website and the sole registration process I see there first asks for your phone number, and of course that information's not listed on the SIM card or the credit card-sized plastic from which you remove it. If there's a way to get the phone number tied to the SIM then perhaps I can handle the rest online.

    Any advice on how to get all this sorted?


    Edit: For what it's worth, the SIM will be used with an iPhone 3G unlocked via yellowsn0w.
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    Your in trouble

    AT&T only accepts US credit cards period

    Next to activate this SIM internationally, means you need international roaming, they never do this on new accounts, especially bad for you as you can't produce a US address with your name known for a period of time and a credit history.


    You did say payg, that means account and contract, if you meant prepaid then:

    Still need a US credit card - AT&T do not accept non US cards period.

    No international roaming on prepaid. There is a special Mexico and Canada but requires it's already activated and you need to call customer support.

    So again your out of luck
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