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Thread: AT&T knows All!

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    Default AT&T knows All!
    Hey everyone,

    Here's the rundown,

    I bought my first iPhone in Sep 2007, decided that it wasnt for me, but rather than turn it back in and get hit w/ the Restocking Fee, my mom said she really like it, and she would take we kept the contract in my name and ported her number over...

    Well, I started looking into an iTouch, realized there was no external speaker, so decided to buy another iPhone for my hacking goodness...

    But the iPhone I bought off Craigslist (brand new, never opened,) was newer, harder to hack, you I asked ATT that if I broke my first iPhone can I just activate the second w/ my account, they said of course. So I took the original ATT purchased phone, gave her the Craigslist buy.

    And for 3 months all was bliss, I rocked the hacked up 3.9 bootloader on TMO, and my mom had the completely jailed iPhone on ATT..

    ATT just hit me w/ a $466 charge because the ORIGINAL iPhone purchaser who bought that iPHone used a fraudulent card, so they add it to my bill in hopes to recover the costs...

    I don't blame ATT at all, thats what they have to do, and their darn good at it too!

    Just wanted to let you guys know!

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    wow sorry to here that i have had bad experiences with att and roaming on my iphone anyways i just unlocked mine yesterday and went with t-mobile cost me 200 but better than paying a 300 bill every month.

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    Ya, I agree, I do a lot of Craigslist business, and this is the first time its truly come to bite me in the rear...I really don't blame AT&T but like hell I'm paying for this phone 2x! If that's the case I should have gotten a European actually unlocked phone!...While I'm still interested in the iPhone, this was the deal breaker for me. Im a apple fanboy to the core, but between the proprietary crap, and now the AT&T mafia hunting down these phones, I'll turn my hacking toward open source ventures- Android anyone?

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    **** that. I'd call and raise all kinds of hell to AT&T. I'm assuming you didn't intentionally buy a stolen iPhone. I can't see how they can legally do that.

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    i wouldnt pay them crap.

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    tell them what happened. They will most likely work with you. Do you have documentation from your purchase? If the phone was stolen from them then they have every right to attempt to recover their loss. You may have to give them the phone or pay what the thief left you owing. I am sorry that this happened to you. Online buying is completely safe as long as you follow the rules and listen to that little voice in your head. If it seems too good to be true then it is. No probably here. Probably works with in person transactions. There are too many scammers on the web for a probably to work there.

    Sorry about the totally unneeded (I'm sure) lecture.


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    Currently waiting for a call from the fraud dept. @ ATT. Talked to a lady already from there, she was basically pretty understanding and asked me to get my documentation together (God Bless Gmail!) and wait for her call.

    I am not surprised that they would do this, it makes sense. There are plenty of C/L scams out there, but I really didn't think that an iPhone would be the one that got me. I always thought of those scams as stolen personal property: laptops, cell phones, etc, being stolen from others, not passing off store fraud.

    Let you guys know as soon as I find out, the worst part of all is, a couple hundred more bucks and I may as well have gotten a real unlocked iPhone from Europe...I may have paid nearly as much and have nothing to show for it...

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    Sprint tried this to me with a treo 650 i got off ebay about 2 years ago, i ended up with a 966$ bill, it took me 2 months to get it settled, i went trough the BBB, i switched to T-mo and sprint zeroed my account, waived my termination fee, and then i sold the treo. was a bad ordeal

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    Default BBB...and a carrier switch...
    Hope that it doesn't get that bad being that my Mom loves her iPhone, if I had to get rid of it, she may have her first techno-withdrawal!

    Coming from her Moto Razr, the iPhone is like one of the Wonders of the World...

    I'm currently waiting to hear from Fraud, a woman called me and told me to keep using my phone as usual, and that the Investigator will get in touch with me. She also let me in the process would take 30-90 days, and that there is a ton of this going on...

    I specifically asked her what about buying iPhones from people that WERE paid for and legally obtained initially, she said that if thats what I had, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
    -So it's cool to sell your iPhone, just make sure you paid for it first!

    It's funny, how much the providers know...Tmobile knows who has iPhones on the TMO network, and will offer support to them through the "iPhone and Unsupported Devices," dept...

    Let you know how it turns out...

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    I would not pay it.

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    Just to update everyone, ATT worked with me and the jury is out w/ a verdict...

    I paid "approximately," $420 for my iPhone (it was brand new and delivered in about 15 minutes, mind you)
    ATT charges $460+change for phone w/ tax, etc...

    They asked me to pay the $40+ difference...
    Which I agreed to, considering they could have made me give the phone back...

    So all in all, I ended up paying full price for my iPhone, even though ATT only got paid $40 something...

    Just a warning for everyone out there...AT&T knows ALL!

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    $460? I worked in a NY store where tax was 8.37% and the total amounted to $432.42 on the money everytime.

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