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Thread: ATT hates legally unlocked iPhones

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    Default ATT hates legally unlocked iPhones
    I got an iPhone from Australia. I is totally and legally unlocked.
    I had two different SIM cards activated on ATT PrePaid with another phone that I tried to add to the iPhone. It rejected them both so I called up ATT and they said I can't use this phone on their network. The rep was so ignorant that I decided not to probe further. But, WTF?
    So, what should I do to get this iPhone running to capacity on a PrePaid plan.
    I have read about T-Zone hacks and Installer App but where do I download Installer App? And is it necessary?
    Or can I sign up with the middle of the road ATT monthly no contract PrePaid deal and the MediaNet?

    Is this an iPhone forum?
    I can't be the only brokeass trying to run my iPhone on PrePaid.
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    not sure if anyone else had experienced similar to your case.
    My guess is...if you jailbreak the phone....your ATT prepaid SIM Card should work. Give that a try.

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    yeah if you use pwnagetool you can unlock your phone. (btw are you using the 2G original iphone or the 3G?) Pwnagetool makes it legal because it creates a custom .ispw file, which is what you restore to when you are in itunes. By going directly through iTunes you remain legaly unlocked and jailbroken. There are plenty of guides on how to do this (posted at the top of the page if you look around) good luck and PM me if you need any help
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    well you cant be legally jailbroken but unlocked yes, try jailbreaking it and downloading the carrier settings in installer or cydia. my guess is that your phone does not have the carrier settings that you get when you activate it in itunes. only my guess but i would say jailbreak the phone and then get the carrier settings to see if that helps
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    Hurrr? I am sure without unlocking, prepaid will still work regardless. Unless things changed now. Best bet, bring your old sim to ATT store and have them replace them with a new Sim. Just tell them it aint working for your phone.

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    Go raise hell at an at&t office. Don't settle for anything less.

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    haha, raise hell at at&t :]
    hey we did that and got 2 tilts for 85 dollars lmao.

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    they're just greeeeeeeeeeeeedy!

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    hey guys i brought a iphone 3g from a friend it was already jailbroken when i put my att sim on it doesnt show any service all calls are failed is theres something i can do

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