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Thread: Is there a way to change the amount of rings?

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    Default Is there a way to change the amount of rings?
    I know I had a GSM phone in the past that you just put in a series of numbers that tells the phone how long to wait before forwarding it to voicemail. I've tried this a few times on the iPhone but it just comes up with an error message.

    It wouldbe really cool if you made people wait 45 seconds to get the machine. A lot more of the ringtone could be heard that way.

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    You can't change the number of 'rings', only the number of seconds before the phone stops ringing.

    I believe that you can only change the number of seconds before going to voicemail from 0-30, 45 may not be possible. I can't remember if zero means never go to voicemail, or go straight to voicemail, but I think it sends calls straight there.

    Normally AT&T sets this delay to 20 seconds, you can check that by entering this code:

    Query: *#61#[CALL]

    You can reset the delay by using this:

    Set: **61*destination*11*nn#[CALL]

    To turn off voicemail completely (phone will ring until answered or the caller gives up), use this:

    Cancel: ##61#[CALL]

    The 'destination' above is where your calls direct to to go to voicemail, this is NOT your phone number. Do the query command above, you'll get a screen of information, towards the top you'll see a line that says 'Forwards to' and a phone number, that's the destination. The + symbol in that number is important, make sure that you include this when you made a change.

    So, if your destination was +13179998888, and you want to set the delay to 30 seconds, you'd enter this:


    I did some searching a while back and found the above info online, I used it to change the settings on my prior AT&T phone, but have not tried changing this on my iPhone. I do know that the query command does work, hopefully the rest should too.

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    Jim the query works, but I can't seem to find where the delay is reported in the information. I can find the voicemail number, but can't make out anything that resembles 20 sec.

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    Yup, you're right, the status screen doesn't list the current length, but again, the default is 20 seconds. I just reset my phone to 5 seconds, 30 seconds, and then back to 20 seconds, calling the phone after each change. The code to change this does work.

    Also, I forgot to mention, the number of seconds can only be set in 5 second increments, so valid values are 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Anything higher than 30 is invalid.

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    you can also call AT&T customer care and have them set it for you on the network side. They will also make a test call to make sure that the settings are to your liking.

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    is the destination your number or your voicemails number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jujubeanser View Post
    is the destination your number or your voicemails number?
    Neither. It is the number that shows up when you do the query, it's the AT&T internal number that your voicemail calls forward to. If you don't set it right and don't have the original number, you'll have to have AT&T fix it for you...

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