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Thread: Cingular SIM not working w/ Iphone?

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    Default Cingular SIM not working w/ Iphone?
    Hey, i just wanted to ask a small question about an issue i have been having with the iphone. I have an i phone a friend found, he wanted to me to put his cingular SIM from his phone into the iphone so he can use the Iphone. I had to restore the iphone to a fresh 1.1.1. I installed anysim and unlocked it, but when i put in his SIM card from cingular, nothing happens no reception, no logo, basically you cant make calls nor recieve them. He wanted to do it this way cuz he did not want to lose his contact list. I have been trying to activate it somehow but i have not been succesful.

    So i was wonder is there any way for him to use his SIM in the iphone activated. OR should we just go to a cellular store and ask them to transfer his contact list to a iphone sim so he can also add a Data plan?
    ( can this be done, a transfer that is and a re-activation)

    Thank you.

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    I actually just bought an iPhone on eBay and the old owner sent his SIM card with it (obviously no longer in service). When his SIM was in it said "No Service" I put my current AT&T/Cingular card in and the same thing you're talking about.....the "No Service" was not there but the bars showed up with no signal. I ended up activating it through iTunes with my current SIM in there and voilą the phone works.

    I'm in the process of transferring my contacts with outlook now but I don't think the iPhone reads contacts from the SIM (I may be wrong on that though), so your friend may be SOL. Currently the SIM contacts on my card aren't showing up on my iPhone.

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    If your phone are unlock and jailbroken and you have installer add this source BigBoss experiment/beta or whatever its called its something along those lines... then go to utilites i think and look for Simport... It will read your sim card and allow you to put your contacts on your phone..
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