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Thread: What can I do to cancel my ATT service and keep Iphone 3g for 199?

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    I still can't decide who is more stupid you or your friend? Since he is not my friend does he want to sign some more contracts for a few of us?

    I decided..your friend is an abslute asshat! he will never get a good job, or loan.

    You are just an *** for taking advatange of a friend because he is that dumb

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    lol this thread is funny

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    Default How to cancel your AT&T service & keep your iPhone
    You will have to purchase an iPhone with a 2yr contract, pay an activation fee, wait 30 days, pay one month of service, and then cancel your contact and pay an ETF.

    iPhone 3G 8GB
    $199 - 8GB iPhone w/contract
    $36 - Activation
    $175 - Early Termination Fee
    $70 - One month of service
    not including taxes.

    I not sure if this will put a negative hit on your credit report, but I know that AT&T will not sell you a phone with a contract without a large deposit in the future.

    Other options are, you can:

    1) Buy iPhone 3G phone that is unlocked using a TurboSIM unlocking SIM from reputable eBay Seller.

    2) Buy a legally unlocked iPhone 3G phone on eBay from a reputable seller from Australia or Hong Kong. iPhones sold in these countries are unlocked, so you do not need an unlocking SIM chip. Caveats are sometimes your iPhone can be delayed in customs and you may have to pay taxes on it and if you have problems with your iPhone you may need to send it back to the Apple store in the country you purchase it from.

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    Someone should hit you. Really. You searched, and still started a new thread? I guess forum cleanliness is your last concern.


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    I can't beleive I read this whole thread.
    Where I thought this thread was going, lessons on how to use google.
    But then it shifted to buy an iphone, pay 1 month, cancel, pay ETF sell on ebay for a $2 profit.
    Then I thought it was guy with bad credit gets and iphone and says screw ATT and your ETF.
    Then looking back, I thought someone wanted to pay $600 for a $200 ipod touch.
    We return you to the regularly scheduled program.

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    So what you trying to do is steal the iPhone for $200 .They gonna charge you with Fraud that's up to 1 yr prison buddy, you better off bring it back to the store and cancel your contract now!!!

    BTW ; if you cant afford it dont buy it!!

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    Dude's an idiot. He must be a kid, otherwise he would care about credit and other people.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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