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Thread: Looking to buy Iphone, best option available?

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    Default Looking to buy Iphone, best option available?
    Hey all, new to this forum. Current customer of AT&T, want to know whats the best route to take for the Iphone. I am not eligible for a discount until next year so, that is out of the question. I am looking more for the 1st gen iphone as opposed to 3g because 1) Service isnt that great here in southwestern Colorado, and 3g does not even show up here on their 3g coverage map, 2) cheaper data plan per month. I have a few questions about buying the Iphone and the plan. First, would the best option be to get an unlocked one from someone and swap my sim card in? How do I add the 20 dollar data plan, do I just plug in the phone when I get it and it will direct me through Itunes? My father has the family set up on a plan, I get 1500 or some odd minutes along with unlimited texting, will this change the plan at all? If so, what can I expect? If it just adds the 20 dollar data plan from my acct. thats fine, Im just hoping to keep the unlimited texting. Is the only perk of buying an unlocked iphone as an att customer is side stepping the 2 yr agreement? I know about the jailbreaking and all that. Thanks for your time, and I appreciate your help.


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    all your stuff will be the same, as for the 20 dollar data plan, if you buy an unlocked iphone and stick your sim it, you will not have it.. you have to call att to add it to your account, the unlimited texting will stay, i have it.

    I am going to sell my 4gb iphone here soon its unlocked and jailbroken, I plan on gettin 16 gb 3g.. so if you wanna buy mine like 250 shipped for it.

    thanks, Eric

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    thanks for the reply mag1c. Is there anyway I can just do it through Itunes or would it be a better choice just to give them a call? Would it be possible just to turn off the ability for them to charge me per KB?

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    they will not be able to block Internet to your device, because unlimited text covers text video and picture which require data. There is, however, an app that you can use that can turn off edge, thereby cutting data off on your end. Also, you don't have to worry about purchasing an unlocked 1st gen, you can unlock those (though if you are with AT&T is not necessary).
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