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Thread: New AT&T Unlimited Plan

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    Default New AT&T Unlimited Plan
    Found this at Engadget today and figured I would share it here.

    AT&T today announced an unlimited plan for the same $99 Verizon is charging (well, $99.99, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty). The plan will be available starting this Friday, February 22, and much like Verizon's setup, it only includes voice calling -- data and messaging will still require an additional package. The plan will be available to both existing and new customers, and anyone can get it month-to-month with no contract extension necessary. When you add in all-you-can-eat bytes and texts, you're looking at a total package that falls roughly in line with Verizon's so-called Premium Plan, so the industry appears to be settling on a fair asking price for this kind of deal. Whether consumers agree, well, that remains to be seen.

    Not so sure if this would be needed for iPhone users but unlimited is good.

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    I have 3 phones on my account

    1)Me (My iPhone of course!!)
    (Family plan
    2)My Girlfriend
    3)My Grandmother (Her car broke down and she was stranded so after that i got her a phone)

    I have the 450 anytime and 5,000 night & weekend plan and i never get close to running over. At the moment i even have like 750 rollover minutes! The only person i talk to is my girlfriend so it's mobile to mobile though.

    I don't know who could use that many minutes. Trust me, I've used a lot too... =P

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    I agree.. Always pay the least amount if your plan comes with roll over minutes. Thats of course if you don't use your phone for your own business or something.

    I have the family plan as well & we have plenty of minutes. We also have a lot of AT&T friends so it's free to call them.

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    heh i got close to 4000 rollover .. im on the old cingular family plan (the wife and I share 700 minutes) both phones have unlimited internetz.. but ma phone bill is like 150 bux a month. oh well, at least we dont pay for a land line ;-)

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    Yea the unlimited plan costs the same amount as the old 2000 minute plan. The major difference is that if you have a discount on your monthly bill from your job, it is no longer applicable with the unlimited plan. Kinda blows. So if you're not going over your 2000 minutes you shouldn't want the unlimited.

    And there is also a $200 unlimited family plan. This is great for those 5-line family accounts with a lot of teens.

    Trust me, some people eat 2000 minutes alone for breakfast. This unlimited plan is big.

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    Americans are so lucky canadians have such horrible phone plans

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    I agree, this is big! I have an AT&T family plan and we are one of the ones exceeding our plan every month. This will be big for us.


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