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Thread: please help with voicemail!!!!!

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    Default please help with voicemail!!!!!
    hello i just got my friends old iphone 4gb and i have att service so all i did was put in my sim card, then i cancelled my data plan, so i have no data so i called att they said i can't use voicemail feature at all but i seen alot of people do something to there iphone that can let me use a basic voicemail feature can somebody please help me thanks alot

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    They mean you cant use the "visual" voicemail feature with the data plan. You will still have basic voicemail. When you go to the voicemail tab it will take you to your inbox.

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    no when i hit the voicemail button it says "your call cannot be completed as dialed please check the # and try again" then when i call my number from the iphone it comes up with the busy signal, then when i call my iphone from my house phone it just rings and says "the wireless customer you are trying to contact is not available please try your call later" i just need basic voicemail no visual or soemthing just basic plain voicemail. can somebody please help with this problem thanks alot

    oh yea when i called my iphone from my house phone i look at the iphone and it comes up called failed what is that all about?
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    You can try one of two things:

    1. Call AT&T, sounds like a network issue.

    2. Restore the iphone in Itunes and let Itunes re-activate it with your simcard.

    Also, remember, your phone "dna" will be sent to AT&T when the phone is active and they will eventually notice your using an Iphone and make you add the "iphone data plan".

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    how do i restore my iphone in itunes can u please help me im so new to this

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    Plug your iphone into Itunes, it will recognize it and give you a screen for the phone. Sync your phone with Itunes first, so it will keep your info, sms msg, settings, etc. Then, in the middle of that screen should be a button that says "restore". Hit it.

    When its done there will be a button in the middle to "activate as new phone" or "restore from backup". Hit "restore from backup" to use the backup you just made.

    But, if that doesnt change anything, I would call AT&T.

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    it still comes up busy when i try to call my iphone, but im supposed to have basic voicemail right because when i called before they said no you have to have visual voice

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    Unless they have changed the system. Used to be if you slap a simcard into an iphone it would work off the bat, with basic voicemail.

    I would call them, but dont say im using an iphone off the bat, just tell them your voicemail isnt working.

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    You need to Call At&t and have them reset your voicemail.

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    Have you tried this?


    where 'xxx' is your number

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