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Thread: ATT sim card

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    Default ATT sim card
    My dad have a LG vu from ATT. Is it possible for him to buy the Iphone 3g on ebay or something and use the LG vu simcard? I saw somewhere ppl say all ATT simcard will work for the Iphone 3g but some people say it doesnt work or will get a sms from ATT saying they have to get the Iphone plan. I just want to make sure what is true and what is not. Thanks ahead!

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    Should be able to. However, if you dont add the "iphone data plan" to your account when using an Iphone....AT&T will eventually notice and make you.

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    What if i dont use any kind of data plan at all? just use the phone to call and its WIFI. Will they still kno?

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    Yes, they will still know. The network passes all the device's info to them.

    And no, there is no way around it.

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    what are they going do if they do find me? I see people getting sms but none of them have gotten anything else

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    They can:

    1. Force the plan on your account.

    2. Disable all data on the device.

    It is a requirement of having the device. End of story. Just like owning a Blackberry device, the carrier requires a "Blackberry data plan".

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    ooo i c! Can people that have done this comment on it?
    Thanks for the infor CPJR!

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    what about in my case? I have a 2G iPhone... What if I put that sum card in a 3G?

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    ^^Are you using AT&T? I would assume so, cause you cant unlock 3G yet.

    If you buy a 3G from Apple/AT&T it will come with a new simcard. Which I would suggest if you have a first-gen (2G) and using AT&T cause you'll get it cheapest.

    Oh, and tpbobtai.....dont mean to sound harsh, but its just a fact that AT&T will eventually find out. You could get away with it for awhile, or maybe not.
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    yes, I'm using ATT.. And I have a 2G iPhone data plan. Will that work?

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    ^^Again, how do you plan on getting a 3G iphone? If you buy one off ebay, will pay WAY more than just buying one from Apple. All to save $10 a month?

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    What if I was already in a family plan (not the Iphone family plan)
    How are they going to make my account? force us to be on the family plan?
    kick me out of the family plan and force me to have my own plan?

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    CPJR said - "It is a requirement of having the device. End of story. Just like owning a Blackberry device, the carrier requires a "Blackberry data plan"." WRONG...I own a blackberry from ATT without any data plan.
    Tptob...I'm in the same boat...would like to use Iphone only for Wifi and no data that possible being a current ATT customer?

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