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Thread: AT&T in New York, Considering switching to T-Mobile, HELP

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    Default AT&T in New York, Considering switching to T-Mobile, HELP
    Been using ATT here in NYC for a few months now and i am not happy with the service. Some people cant call me, they just get tones and it never rings in my phone. i have really bad coverage outside manhattan area, and i get 10+ dropped calls per day. Sometimes the coverage just drops to 0 bars, then 10seconds later jumps up to 4-5 bars again. very veyr inconsistent.

    my roomate is using T Mobile with his iphone, always full coverage, no dropped calls, perfect.

    i am unlocked, 1.1.2 so switching should not be a problem. Need some advice though. I know i will loose visual voicemail, but i can take that to get concistency.

    suggestions please......

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    I say go for it!!! Tmobile has cheaper plans, more minutes, fave 5. No more 30 or $20 internet; now you can get full web and email for 5.99. 24hr customer service. If youre close to goin over your minutes...they give u extra. They've given me 300 extra minutes like 4 times seriously all for free, ask nicely and boom there you go. Hey and no warrantless wiretapping cuz tmobile is international not an American telecom like att. Research that one cuz the country is goin down the tubes right now. ANYWAY. Youre better off with tmobile. Its a cooler company, lil more hip or watever. Go to their site and you can google map esq their coverage area zoom in and all that. CROSSOVER WE'RE WAITING!!!!
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    does the 5.99 t zones hack still work? i have heard that they started to block that service since they found out that people are using it like unlimited??

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    Yes, it still works...

    but wow, T-Mobile has better coverage? I'm in the northern jersey area, and my T-Mobile iPhone has literally no coverage at school. AT&T has like 4 bars. However, it's much more expensive, if it has better coverage for you, go for it! I love T-Mobile, except for it's coverage in my area.

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