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Thread: Looking to buy an iPhone, can I use it with my Att Employee account?

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    Default Looking to buy an iPhone, can I use it with my Att Employee account?
    Well just like the title says, i used to work for RadioShack, and when i was working there i got an Att 3rd Party Employee Line (ANR25) Basicly 2000 any time mins, and unlimited text for $25 a month, well heres my question, im using an older Cingular 3g sim, the last ones that cingular used before they switched to those new blue Att 3g sim cards, Can I use it in an iphone, will i just need to bypass the Itunes activation? or what should i do? If something goes wrong and i go to the apple store and they ask for my att account information, they will obviously see that i have a special plan thats not the standard consumer plan? what should i do? Oh and i also have an employee line with Cellular One (Dobson) with unlimited Everything, mins, text and internet. Since Att Just purchased Cellular one dobson, in select areas does this mean that i will have to unlock my iphone if i plan on using my cellular one sim card? im just a bit confused over the whole ordeal. thanks

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    For Cingular, I believe that bypassing activation will be sufficient.

    For Celluar One, I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure that will require an unlock (although I don't know of anybody who has that, so I have no idea, just an educated guess)

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    No you will lose all your discounted privileges if you activate your iphone from itunes i.e. going through the legal process...i tried the same thing ....or alternatively you can unlock your iphone ...its damn easy

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    1) Cingular SIMs can be used without changing anything, as long as you bypass activation
    2) New iPhones bought now cannot be unlocked, except by hardware or StealthSIM/TurboSIM.

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    "No you will lose all your discounted privileges "....This is no longer 100% true.

    My employer has a business relationship with ATT and the iPhone is available for sale on our ATT business partner site. The phone is regular price. You get the discount on the phone service (whatever it is for your company [25% for mine]), but no discount on the data. 2Yrs apply unless your business relationship allows less.

    I expect that we will have better terms for the 3G iphone when it comes out...and I am waiting for that release.

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    well heres what happened, i went to my local att store, and they were complete dicks about selling me an iphone and in short refused to sell me an iphone because i asked if they had any that where week 44 or below obviously so that it would be a 1.1.1. well i had to drive an hour away to the next closest att store, and to my luck, they had 1 week 45 left, i was hoping that it was a 1.1.1 or a 1.1.2 with 3.9 bootloader, and go figure it was a 1.1.2 with 4.6 bootloader, so i couldnt unlock it, but its jailbroken, and im loving it, i just poped my sim card in and i was ready to roll! best part was, ironicly the store used to be a cellular one (which att recently bought and converted to att) and the guy working there had an unlocked jailbroken iphone, he said he was more than happy to help me out.

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    Any Apple stores in your area? You'd be better off going there, since they won't give you **** about making you get a 2 year contract.

    Refub models might also be slightly older. My refub model from came with 1.0.1 when the newest was 1.1.1.

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    closest apple store is 3 hours away in Nashville Tn, and Tax is 9% while Ky tax is 6% oh and i would have had no problem getting a refurbed,however there near impossible to get from

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    O ok. Maybe ebay? just a thought. Didn't expect refubs to disappear that quickly.

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