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Thread: Already and existing AT&T customer, can I get iPhone without changing my plan?

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    Default Already and existing AT&T customer, can I get iPhone without changing my plan?
    I've been and AT&T customer since 2003 when they were offering Unlimited minutes for $99.99 a month my question is:

    I've been wanting to make the jump for an iPhone but they make it a requirement for me to switch to there pre-selected plans, and I haven't been able to scoop up an unlocked one for a fair price.

    I have the opportunity to purchase a brand new 08 iPhone (not unlockable) with the new AT&T SIM card, and my question is, if I connect to iTunes and activate the phone via my current info, will it change my plan, or is it even possible?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I buy the iPhone, insert the new AT&T SIM card, open iTunes and activate the phone with my current information, will it work?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

    P.S. I ran a search but could find nothing on this subject, so if there has been another thread like this, I apologize.

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    I havent tried, but I believe yes.

    You should be able to insert your simcard from your existing phone into the iphone and activate OR search for the "hackivate" method which allows you to cold activate the phone then insert an active simcard.

    **Beware though, if you DONT have the "iphone" plan you will probably have to pay for ALL DATA usage which will add up quick!!

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    Can you add unlimited data for $19.99 a month

    Well Worth it!

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    My only concern is:

    When I put my SIM card in an unlocked iPhone, my carrier appeared as cingular, and not AT&T, does this matter at all?

    I know they're the same company, but just wanted to know if this meant anything.

    Also, I know for a fact, if I put my SIM card in any new AT&T phone (I.E. any "pay as you go" phone) It will NOT WORK.

    But my sister, she has a newer AT&T SIM card, and when she pops it in the "pay as you go" phone it works fine.

    Her SIM did not come with a "pay as you go" phone, we just did it as a test.

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    My guess is that you are an Att "blue" or "legacy" customer. In that case your sim card will not activate on itunes and you will have to opt for iphone plan. ie lose all you min etc. You would have to find an phone that is 1.1.1 or older and is able to be sim unlocked. Also you must make sure you can add a data plan to your line. If Att has locked down your account (like many) you wont be able to add a data plan and you will be stuck paying a fortune for data.

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    There is a iphone activation phone number and I would find and call it. I believe if you have to change SIMS you have to reactivate....but someone at customer service may be able to simply activate a 3G/iphone SIM for you and then send it to you. Or maybe they can use your iphone SIM and transfer your account. BTW....if you have a 3G sim (this is the new SIM card) already in your current phone, it will work in the iPhone. Just add a data plan.

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