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Thread: Buying a 1G iphone from a third party

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    Default Buying a 1G iphone from a third party
    Hey Everyone:

    I'm currently on AT&T and have a basic voice/texting plan, no data. I'm planning on buying a 1G iphone from a friend. What's the best way to go about this?

    Can I just put my current SIM card in and unlock it? Or do I have to get a different SIM card? Is it difficult to replace the SIM card? (e.g., pry open the iphone or something).


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    Default Heres how i would do it.
    OK, first off do you want Data, of course you do its an iPhone! So you can add data for just $20 for unlimited data and 200 texts + what you pay now. All this is done from your computer through iTunes, you put in your personal info and Phone # then say add 20 iphone data and the phone is good. But since you said it was your friends you many/WILL need a new sim, either from your old phone but probably will need to go into ATT to get a new one.

    IF you don't want data... then yes you need to jailbreak/unlock then this is very important!!! DISABLE all things that might use EDGE automatically. (paying $30 for a 3mb picture download is not fun) On switching SIMs take a pin/small paperclip and push it in to the small hole on top. On your old phone its probably behind the battery.

    PS: You can call ATT/go in and get EDGE usage disabled to make sure you don't get billed.
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