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Thread: Quest for the iPhone 3G:: Part 1

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    Default Quest for the iPhone 3G:: Part 1
    Hey everyone.

    Thought I might share this experience with everyone...

    Starting from the beginning:

    I sent in my iPhone for repairs to Apple using my Applecare protection claiming that the screen "would only work sometimes".

    Needless to say they replaced it with a refurb.

    I put that refurb up on ebay with "over $100 worth of accessories".
    Now working at an AT&T Authorized Retailer... these accessories came out to a good $25. They were: A DIO case, ZAGG Screen Protector, Griffin Car Charger, Belkin Headphone Adapter, iGo powertip, and a USB Cable.

    I offered international shipping, and it sold for $515 to a man in Russia.

    (someone came into the store not too long after and sold me his messed up iPhone for $200... i then sent it into apple, and sold it to the same guy for $515)

    Now its time for the iPhone.

    I went into my local AT&T, did a direct fulfillment, and after 5 days had my iPhone 3G.

    I called it today to cancel my service... and this is how it played out (paraphrased and shortened... the abridged version if you will):

    Me: Hello, I am calling in because I had an iPhone 3G that got wet. I went into an authorized retailer that said you wouldnt take it back, but that I can still cancel.
    Rep: Alright, I looked up the information in CSP* and you have to cancel it at the location you got it from.
    Me: That location is about 6 hours away from where i live... i got it when by my relatives.
    Rep: Sorry, thats the only way
    Me: Can i speak with a supervisor? ***********
    Me: ''''''retell story'''''
    Supervisor: No problem, we can cancel it from over the phone. But you will have to wait till the 31st day. I will notate the account with all of this.
    Me: What about the charges?
    Supervisor: I cannot waive the activation fee*, but i can waive all of the prorated charges.
    Me: alright, thank you very much.
    Supervisor: we will call you on day 31 to cancel... till then I will add the lost/stolen feature to your account.
    Me: alrighty, sounds good. thanks.

    SOOOO all in all,
    if they tell you you cannot cancel over the phone, they are liars. ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR.

    While I will be paying ETF and the 1st months service...
    its still cheaper this way.

    And now i get to keep the equipment.

    I know everyone pretty much knew this,
    but I wanted to confirm it (though idk if anyone has or not....)

    I have also attached some pictures of my account
    *Accessed through I Sales Portal*
    as proof.

    I will be posting part II on August 18th (day 31) with the outcome.

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    nice, why do you still have to pay E-T-F and 1 month service, i thought he said the fee's will be waived except the activation.

    wont it be the same as getting the 3g and keeping for a month then canceling...? (if u still have to pay)

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    Default waived EFT & Activ Fee
    They would only waive it if you returned the equipment.

    I am not returning the equipment, so, in turn, i HAVE to wait till me 30 day guarantee expires.

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