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Thread: How to order $20/month data plan for unlocked phone?

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    Default How to order $20/month data plan for unlocked phone?
    I'm on an ATT family plan right now. $9.99 for the extra line, we are paying $30 a month for 4 lines for unlimited SMS.

    My card is in my 3595 right now.

    I have an unlocked 1.1.4 iPhone.

    How do I add the $20 data plan for my phone to the plan? Do I call AT&T and order an iPhone data plan for my non-iPhone 3595? What's the name of the plan I'd be adding or asking for? I read all these threads about how you can just plop the $20 data plan onto an unlocked phone but I don't understand WHICH plan it is, how you go about getting it, and when you eventually can pop your SIM card in the jailbroken phone and get it to work without AT&T seeing the IMEI and flipping out at me?

    And am I reading all these threads correctly? If I add the data plan, I pay $9.99 to share the minutes with my family, $10 or so for the unlimited SMS (if we split the bill) and $20 for the data plan (for just my phone) for a total of like $40/month for the iPhone instead of the $90 or so it would be?

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    change your imei with ziphone. It's about all you can do. Be aware though, It might be illegal.

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    I have read on here that people do the $20/month plan without changing IMEI though.

    I'm OK with $20/month as long as I don't have to buy their ridiculous phone package (I can keep using my family minutes).

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    I found the Answer....YES you can. I used my moms prepaid AT&T phone to active the card and added $25 bucks and asked for a month of media net for $20. Then I put on my iPhone 2G unlocked/jail broken running 2.0 and i'm online and work great.

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