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Thread: iPhone Order Cancelled

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    Default iPhone Order Cancelled
    So I called ATT today because I've been out of town for the past week and wanted to make sure I didn't miss the phone call that my phone came in (I ordered the 8gb black on release day).

    The girl tells me that my order was canceled due to account ineligibility, that I would have to reorder the phone in the store and pay full price. I told her that I checked my account on the website and it said that I was eligible for an upgrade. She checks, and says that I am in fact eligible.

    She says that she doesn't know why my order was canceled, and that I could call back or go to the store and reorder the phone with the same credit card information.

    A few minutes later, I get a call back from the manager, and she tells me that she was looking through orders from the 11th and Apple canceled a lot of them, so everyone that was canceled would have to reorder the phone. Sounds like ******** to me, the girl I talked to first told me that it says under my account that it was canceled due to ineligibility, and clearly Apple isn't the judge of that.

    So I called back, replaced the order, and now have to wait another week or two for a phone call.

    My point is, why was this allowed to happen? And after it does happen, I only find out about it because I chose to call ATT to see if I missed the call when I was away. If what the manager said is true, and that many orders were canceled "by accident", then I'm sure a good number of people are patiently (or impatiently) waiting for their iPhone which will never come. Why couldn't ATT give their loyal customers the courtesy of a phone call, alerting us to the fact that the order was canceled. They could have set up a recording and left voice mails on every customers' phone whose order was canceled.
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    Sounds like Apple & AT&T are going to point the finger at each other on this one.

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    There's no way that's Apple fault, they have absolutely no say when it comes to your wireless account. I actually used to work for Apple, then AT&T Mobility, and can assure you, it's AT&T's fault.

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    Well I just got a call back from ATT because they said they would need me to give the credit card information again, since they can't reorder it automatically.

    I told them to forget it, I'll go to the Apple store and pick one up.

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    ATT is an evil machine and worse than the government when it comes to accountability. Thats why i love my iphone so much.. It lets me minimize direct contact with ATT. With my old RAZR, i had ATT logos and icons everywhere and i hated it.

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