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Thread: can I use my employee line with iPhone 2G

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    Default can I use my employee line with iPhone 2G
    I have recently got an iPhone and activated it with ziphone and just put my sim card in. On my account I have unlimited data and unlimited text but not a actual iphone plan will I have any overages or anything or will it be ok thanks in advance

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    Default Similar
    I have a 1st gen iphone with mediamax200 bundle. Earlier in the week i asked a question about "upgrading" to the iphone plan, but i do not think anyone here has done it.

    So i have not had any problems with my monthly discounts thus far. I have a feeling if i select the iphone plan that I will lose my discounts. So until i read on here someone has done it and still gets their monthly discounts, i am hesitant on switching from mediamax bundle.

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    you will not have any overages, but att has a program that will recognize the imei of the iphone and that you do not have an iphone data plan and it will stop your internet access to the phone. many other users are having and been having this happen to them.

    TECHNICALLY, you arent supposed to be able to use a company discount on the 1g iphone plans but here is how you have to do it.

    unlock your phone
    call either customer service or your local store and tell them you need to put a different imei on your account. DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN NOT TO TELL THEM IT IS AN IPHONE. They may ask but odds are they will be able to see it and will not say anything.
    go online ( and manage your features
    add the real iphone data plan

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