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Thread: Purchased unlocked 1.1.4 - On AT&T Family plan - Options?

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    Default Purchased unlocked 1.1.4 - On AT&T Family plan - Options?
    Alright, so I just purchased an unlocked 1.1.4 8 GB.

    I'm currently part of my family's plan ($50 for the first line, $10 for each additional-- we have an unlimited data and SMS package).

    What happens if I just pop my SIM into the iPhone? Does AT&T automatically sign me up for the iPhone plan since it sees I'm using it?

    Is there any deal I could do that's cheaper than the $90 or so the 3G plan would cost me (phone + data + SMS)? Like, can I still use my voice/SMS plan and just tack on a $20 iPhone data plan?

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    I'm (for another week or so) a blue-sim legacy ATTWS customer. When I got my 1.14 jailbroken and unlocked in March, I simply moved the sim from my Treo 650.

    All worked fine.

    I was on (and still am) an old $45/month unlimited data plan for that line (mostly so I could occasionally use the sim in an Aircard) so I'm paying more for the iPhone data than an iPhone plan would have. My OLAM indeed shows me as having an iPhone but -- interestingly -- when the rep at the ATT store was looking at my account he said it showed that I had an old analog phone.

    I can't answer some of your questions, but putting your sim in should work fine.

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    Thanks for the response mogongack.

    So AT&T won't automatically sign me up for an iPhone plan as long as *just* pop my SIM into the unlocked phone?

    That's pretty much my main quandry. I just don't want them to be like "oh, iPhone-- we'll lock him into a 2 year contract."

    I'm the very definition of a noob, so bear with me guys.

    Here's a better question.

    I'm on the family plan right now. $9.99 for the extra line, we are paying $30 a month for 4 lines for unlimited SMS.

    My card is in my W300i right now.

    I have an unlocked 1.1.4 iPhone.

    How do I add the $20 data plan for my phone to the plan? Do I call AT&T and order an iPhone data plan for my non-iPhone W300i? I read all these threads about how you can just plop the $20 data plan onto an unlocked phone but I don't understand WHICH plan it is, how you go about getting it, and when you eventually can pop your SIM card in the jailbroken phone and get it to work without AT&T seeing the IMEI and flipping out at me?

    And am I reading all these threads correctly? If I add the data plan, I pay $9.99 to share the minutes with my family, $10 or so for the unlimited SMS (if we split the bill) and $20 for the data plan (for just my phone) for a total of like $40/month for the iPhone instead of the $90 or so it would be?
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