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Thread: AT&T won't tell me and i cannot find it on their site.

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    Default AT&T won't tell me and i cannot find it on their site.
    Ok, first off, i searched on both AT&T and MMI for the answer to my question and i cannot find it and when i call and just simply ask at a retail store they tell me i will just have to find out!! so here it is

    My buddy has a family plan with AT&T and they are adding a new line. He is eligible to buy like 4 iPhones at the 199-299 price with all the lines they have. If he buys me one of the phones obviously he has to sign up for the iPhone rate plan and keep the plan for at least 30 days otherwise they charge the credit card it was paid on the full price of the phone. So what happens if we just use the iPhone on AT&T for the first 30 days and then we call and ask to change the plan.
    1) Will they let us change the plan?
    2) Will they charge my credit card for the full price?

    I realize that this is going to be a risky thing but when they tell me i will have to just see it is ridiculous! They can't just charge my card without letting me know first!!!

    I appreciate any reply and apologize if there is another thread out there like this. It was hard to search for...
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    Just buy the iphone if you want one. If it's too expensive and you want to make things difficult for the sake of 50 bucks then just buy a nokia
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    I would call ATT another day until you get a nice representative and you just tell her the situation (or him) and they will give you the reality. Good luck my friend.
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    By change the plan what did you mean? did you mean get a cheaper att plan or do you mean disconnect the one line you had and keep the phone without the penalty? As for charging your credit card, yes they can they will prove it to you with some legal garbage. I work for a rent a car place and that is why they ask for credit cards even if you have a prepaid voucher. The reason is if you get a ticket or something and ignore it they will pull the credit card on file and charge whatever the ticket was plus penalties all without your permission.

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