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Thread: Avoid early termination fee

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    Question Avoid early termination fee
    Hi guys,
    Well I'm a current AT&T Customer, I have my plan for almost a year and a half, but now I switched to the iPhone (i love it), so as all of you may know you have to renew your contract for 2 more years (hate it) but I took the time to read aaaaaaaaaaaall the service agreement with AT&T and Apple and there's this text at the beginning:
    Extract from:

    Your Service Commitment begins on the day we activate your service. You have received certain benefits from us in exchange for any Service Commitment greater than one month. If we terminate your service for nonpayment or other default before the end of the Service Commitment, or if you terminate your service for any reason other than (a) in accordance with the cancellation policy; or (b) pursuant to a change of terms, conditions, or rates as set forth below, you agree to pay us with respect to each Equipment identifier or telephone number assigned to you, in addition to all other amounts owed, an Early Termination Fee of $175 ("Early Termination Fee"). The Early Termination Fee is not a penalty, but rather a charge to compensate us for your failure to satisfy the Service Commitment on which your rate plan is based. AFTER YOUR SERVICE COMMITMENT, THIS AGREEMENT SHALL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW ON A MONTH-TO-MONTH BASIS UNTIL EITHER PARTY GIVES NOTICE PURSUANT TO THE TERMINATION PROVISION BELOW.

    You may terminate this Agreement within thirty (30) days after activating service without paying an Early Termination Fee. You will pay for service fees and charges incurred through the termination date, but AT&T will refund your activation fee, if any, if you terminate within three (3) days of activating the service. Also, you may have to return any handsets and accessories purchased with this Agreement. If you terminate after the 30th day but before expiration of the Agreement's Service Commitment, you will pay AT&T an Early Termination Fee for each wireless telephone number associated with the service. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time after your Service Commitment ends with thirty (30) days notice to the other party. We may terminate this Agreement at any time without notice if we cease to provide service in your area. We may interrupt or terminate your service without notice for any conduct that we believe violates this Agreement or any terms and conditions of your rate plan, or if you behave in an abusive, derogatory, or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives, or if we discover that you are under age, or if you fail to make all required payments when due, or if we have reasonable cause to believe that your Equipment is being used for an unlawful purpose or in a way that may adversely affect our service, or if you provided inaccurate credit information or we believe your credit has deteriorated and you refuse to pay any requested advance payment or deposit."

    So they are actually telling me that I have 30 days to cancel my new contract and I don't have to pay the early termination fee.

    I'm about to do that, I just activated the iPhone yesterday at 11pm, so I have enough time.

    I was wondering if any of you has done this??? I'm kind of curious, because it's something weird that they offer me this 30 cancellation period considering that my old plan was 1.5 y/o so well I think that I'm going to have to be ready to fight a little bit, I don't think that they are going to make that easy for me but in the service agreement it's very very clear.

    Well I hope I can get some comments from you, and if you already did this or you are planning to, please let me know so I can be prepared for what they are going to tell me.

    Thank you!
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    good find to bad ive been pretty content with my iphone for 6 monthsnow, or i would have done the same thing a long time ago

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    i dont fully understand what they are saying there. if you cancel within 3 days of the new contract you dont have to pay a termination fee.

    so does that mean that you will not have at&t service so you switch to another service provider??

    get back to me


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    No they are saying there that if there was any ACTIVATION fee they will refund it if you cancel your service within the first 3 days, but you have 30 days to cancel your contract without paying your EARLY TERMINATION FEE ($175)

    Answering your second question, YES I do not want to have AT&T anymore, I'll switch to another carrier.


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    Stay with AT&T and just use a pay as you go plan. That way when the dev team feels we have earned the unlock you can use it on another carrier.

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    Well, I'm going out of the country for a few months, actually a long period of time, so I need to have the phone unlocked to any carrier, I will buy StealthSIM if no software unlock method appears before my trip.
    That's my main reason to terminate my AT&T Service.

    Maybe in a near future I will get back to AT&T but I don't want to be paying my plan every month if I'm not using it and I don't want to have international roaming, we all know that international roaming is a waste of money.

    Thank you.

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    Just tell AT&T that you are moving out of the country. Are you staying at a residence at your destination? All you'd have to do is provide that residence and they will let you go (it usually takes 30 days). This being w/o a early term fee too.

    I did this to a different GSM carrier, well sort of. My sister was just moving up to the dorms @ a university where the carrier had 0 coverage. I added her name as a contact on my account, told them that I put the phones in my name, but that she was the user of the phones, and they then canceled, no questions asked
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