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Thread: Can't Activate (Go Phone)

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    Smile Can't Activate (Go Phone)

    Well if any of you know what I could do let me know.... I have verizon at this time on my other phone and in a contract with them still....

    I thought I would buy the IPhone and put it on the Go Phone plan so that I am not into two contracts....

    I called Apple and ATT and explained to them that I have EXCELLENT credit but did not want two contracts at this time.... that would be to overwhelming.... they both told me that of course I could put it on the Go Phone plan even though I have excellent credit... even the man at Apple told me that when I use itunes us all 9's for the ss# when activating the phone... so I go out last night bought the IPhone and tryed to activate it through itunes and it is a no goer.... I put in all 9's for the ss# I tryed 141-11-1111 and it was a no goer

    So I got up this morning called Apple.... then the man called ATT and I had them both on the phone.... the lady at ATT said... that the store had to run a credit check on me.. and if I had good credit I could not get it....then the man at Apple told her isn't there anything you can do to make her credit look bad... LOL

    Then I said to the both of them.... well it is pretty bad when a person as myself pays her bills on time and has excellent credit can't get the Go Phone plan... you mean to tell me that it is for only people that has bad credit? From what everyone told me from me calling before purchasing it I was told I could have it... I ask them both... isn't this all about sales marketing? You are going to loose this sale on the IPhone and also you won't make any money off from me either even through the Go Phone plan....

    I told them both well if I can not get it then the IPhone must go back to the store and that I WILL NOT PAY the $40.00 to take it back either.... by this time I am getting frustrated....

    So I called the store in which I purchased the IPhone at and explained the story to them and told them... sorry looks like this phone has to come back to the store and I won't pay the return fee for trying it because I WAS NOT ABLE TO TRY IT OUT PERIOD!

    It just so happened when I called the store the manager answered.. at this time he is checking around to see if he can get this set up or what.... and is supposed to call me back...

    So during this so called activation thing for the phone and it would not work with itunes 7.5 I then removed itunes 7.5 and installed intunes 7.3 because I seen that people could get around this with that version... well when I installed itunes 7.3 it would not load because it was reading a file from itunes 7.5...

    So if any of you know how to get around this or know how I can activate this IPhone to get the Go Phone plan on it until my contract runs out with verizon let me know....

    I only bought the IPhone to use as a toy and because of all the things I seen on this forum....

    Damn Apple and ATT what the hell!

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    Fail the check.
    Make up a ssn
    select go-phone.

    It works, I swear.

    I'm actually on it now.

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    go to
    then select pick pay as go you plan it charges 10 cents a min and the gophone cards are available at any retail store. when your in that page enter your smart chip number. then the next page they ask for your imei number which is on the back of your iphone they well check if the info is correct. after that they ask for your address type in your address or make a fake one. then click activate. it give you your phone number and access code.

    i do this all the time when i have a "blank" at&t sim card

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    Thanks for your information... I did not know what to do so because ATT doesn't know what they are doing at times and did not know where to send me to sign up for the Go Phone package... Pretty funny when lololoI801 gave me a website address... I ended up signing up with the contract but I still have time to get out of it... at this time I keep getting no service or only one bar on my phone.... I really LOVE the IPhone but hate the service...

    I ended up paying my way out of Verizon in which I hated to because I could use my phone here at home where I work...

    With the IPhone on ATT it sucks....

    So now I am wondering if I could go to the Go Phone plan so I don't get stuck with a two year contract with ATT since their service is so rotten here....

    I still have time to get out of it with ATT so if I called them and told them I wanted out would I pick the Go Phone plan still?

    Also what is difference between the Go Phone plan and the two year contract? (Details Please)

    Many thanks!

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    I have good credit as well and I use the go plan. I just signed up and used my ss# and selected the plan that I wanted. In fact, the go plan and the added unlimited texts etc you can add was a better plan than I had with Sprint so I bouht out my contract and now use the goplan. When my hyper card gets here I will cancle the goplan and use my hometown provider that is pay as you go with unlimited everything for 55 a month. No contract all you have to do is call the store each month and buy a new months service. IMO, that is way better than signing any contract. Just my thoughts deary.

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