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Thread: the billionth thread on SWIRLY mms for AT&T

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    Default the billionth thread on SWIRLY mms for AT&T
    ok long story short.. i had a treo 680 before the iphone so i had mms already added to my plan.. my phone still shows up as a treo so there is no excuse there as i have unlimited text/mms

    settings SEEM CORRECT

    this is exactly waht i have entered:


    everything there is correct but i get message "incorrect mmsc settings" message

    anything im missing..

    for those of you who HAVE IT WORKING please post your settings (not your imie info) so those of us who dont have it working can try them

    some other questions: did u set up a APN???

    did you need your wifi changed

    any little thing counts here as we may find the cure for everyone who doesnt have it working properly..

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    Default settings
    jailbroken and unlocked 1.1.4 on at&t
    i have a familyplan unity 700 with unlimited family texting
    type exactly as i have
    NO APN
    image size:medium


    3g 16gb iPhone 2.2.1
    Jailbroken on AT&T

    If I help you, help me by pressing THANKS =]

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    thanks man its a start but i cant get mine working.. there has to be something else in there besides the imei blocking.. ive been talking with my friend who has been with at&t for years and if he finds a concrete way around it ill let everyone know

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    Dont you still have to call AT&T and give them the "other" IMEI number?

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    And don't you need a Swirly fake phone installed?

    I am on verge of doing this myself...esp since the 3g doesn't have it. I have a Sony Ericson with water damage that sorta works.
    Let me see if I have this straight..
    Change IMEI to other phone (Do I need swirly fake phone?)
    Call AT&T, have then drop the iPhone package and change phone (IMEI), go unlimited text/mms and maybe data...
    I Lose Visual Voicemail... Do I lose You Tube? or other apps? im thinking of going unlimited data so I get basically the same features but will gladly trade VV for MMS.
    I also understand to get iTunes workablem you need to change the IMEI back for syncs.
    Does using a dreaded Ziphone tool just for the IMEI change harmful or potentially harmful in any way?
    and, Will AT&T see am "excessive" data use for a non-smartphone/PDA?

    I tried the phone call to add pay per mms but was denied cause of iphone package...

    This is my next option and close to trying
    Thank You for verifing this for me
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