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Thread: So is it conformed that iPhone owners cant trade in theirs? Sry if asked..

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    Default So is it conformed that iPhone owners cant trade in theirs? Sry if asked..
    So if we bought the last iphone at the launch date... if we want to upgrade to the new iphone, users can't trade in their phone, correct? Even if they renew their plan?

    ...sounds dumb if not, considering I paid about 600 for it, even with the 100 rebate check, and the new phones are $199 for the phone I paid for.

    Thx guys! Sry if this question has been asked already

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    You can if you bought it after May 27th or something like that..otha then that..NOPE...

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    If you bought after May 27 you can return it and get a 3G iPhone for free.. But sadly us that have had the phone for over a year have to buy it again :/

    Time to sell the old one.

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    Wait a while before selling your old 1st gen. Given how AT&T put a nice gridlock on the 2nd gen, prices will go up I'm sure.

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    Give it a few days and everything will be revealed. The 3G was only announced a few hours ago.

    And no, you probably won't be able to trade in
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    didn't they stop selling the iphone online from like beginning of may n **** so how can that many poeple could possible have signed up after the 27th? ******* cocksuckers

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    im going to keep my first gen anyway, just another item to add to "the pile"  03473

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