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Thread: Correct Way to get MMS working on AT&T

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    In another thread I posted that a few days ago I called Business Premier to adjust another phone on our account (25 phones, 1 main with 24 $9.99 business pooled added on 15,00min).
    That is when I casually asked to enable wap push explaining I had 3.0 beta firmware (which they did with no problems).He even put me on hold to talk to apple support so he got the settings right. It's been working ever since (both 3.0 MMS and Swirly on my other JB Phone)

    I'll go back to my original reason why I called them that day. I had just upgraded one of the phones on our account online to an Iphone. I ordered the data plan and the 15.00 message pkg. They mistakenly put the 45.00 plan + 15.00 for messaging, so I was calling to change it to the 30.00 one (this is when I asked them to add wap to my phone)

    I Jailbroke the upgraded iphone when it arrived and gave it to the person the next day.
    Well, I saw him at a meeting today and was explaining to him that I got MMS enabled for 3.0 and they gave it to me no problem. It got me thinking about installing Swirly on his phone to just try it since it was all ordered online, maybe when it was all added, he might have MMS.

    I installed swirly and tried setting it up..NO GO.
    Same messages 403 forbidden. I tried all the settings and even rebooted between, still no go..
    I went into "Reset" and reset the network settings and guess what. It worked. It made me wonder if MMS is now enabled and people should try to reset their network settings.
    Also, Maybe because we are add on lines it won't/can't be swept like everyone says (even though he told me mine wouldn't anyway).

    Worth a try to reset if you have Ul data and a message pkg already on.


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    "other JB Phone"
    did you mean iPhone 2G. Will we get supported (just not with apple's messaging app)?. Oh and also to everybody doing this method, the unl media max and unl txt bundle is now $10 cheaper than iPhone 2G's plan ($30/month)(on a family plan). Only thing is that you can't change to that online, you have to call AT&T and tell them to take out the iPhone data plan. Then you'd have unl txt/internet for $30/month. BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE IPHONE DATA PLAN FOR THIS TO WORK. JUST CHANGE TO IPHONE DATA + 200txt AND GET WHATEVER UNLIMITED MESSAGING PLAN YOU WANT (AFTER CHANGING IMEI). THEN YOU WILL HAVE IPHONE UNL DATA PLUS UNL MSGING (WHICH MEANS MMS). ON A FAMILY PLAN IT WOULD BE $40/month. YOU KEEP VISUAL VOICEMAIL FOR 10 MORE DOLLARS A MONTH. Just saying guys. Sorry for the CAPS. Trying to get my point through. lol.

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    mine is working great! Sends and receives on any network.

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